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Valentine Red Bridal Special Occasion Dresses

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Valentine Red Wedding dresses dos & don’ts.

Ian Stuart Valentine Red Bridal Dress.

Special occasion dress Valentine red by London designer Ian Stuart.

Valentine red bridal dresses make spectacular theme weddings entrances.

But, if you are planning to be married in a traditional white gown on Valentine’s Day. Choose a red dress for your reception.

Ian Stuart’s bride above seems to have stepped out of a nineteenth century painting by Winterhalter. The extravagance of her gown is intensified by the color red.

Stuart’s red wedding gown is featured in the book I Do … 100 Years of Wedding Fashion by Caroline Cox. Visit Ian Stuart at www.ianstuart-bride.com.- SW

Valentine Red Bridal Dos & Don’ts.


1. Add something RED to your ensemble. A red garter. A fantastic matte red lipstick. A classic bouquet of red roses.

2. Make a fabulous Valentine’s Day play list.

Think classics like My Funny Valentine. Frank Sinatra. Ella Fitzgerald. Everytime your guests listen they’ll remember the most romantic way they ever  spent Valentine’s Day.

3. Add a Valentine’s Day candy bar. It is the ultimate day to indulge in candy. Heart shaped red velvet mini cakes. Truffles. Red Jelly Beans. All in beautiful crystal displays. Adding a bit of whimsy to this extra romantic day is key.

4. Have your bridesmaids wear pink or red dresses. A gorgeous burgundy satin or a pale oyster taffeta are tasteful for their ensembles.

5. Set the mood for your Valentine’s Day Wedding. Opt for old Hollywood Glamour with candles. Deep romantic tones. And an elegant lighting scheme. You definitely want to make the day romantic for everyone.


1. Nobody wants to see red undergarments. Do not wear them.

2. Keep your decorations tasteful and elegant.

3. It is not a prom. Do not buy heart shaped balloons.

4. Red stains on a white dress are no bueno! Do not drink too much red wine.

5. Do not forget that it is your wedding day first and foremost. Have fun.

• Tips Courtesy: Celebrity Bridal designer David Meister. Meister designed Valerie Bertinelli’s wedding dress when she married Tom Vitale on January 1, 2011. Her wedding was featured on the cover of People magazine.

Valentine Red Reception Dresses.

Valentine Red Bridal Special Occasion Dresses.

Special Occasion red gown
by designer Thien Le.

What a perfect day to wear red. Shades of red or red accessories with a white gown. Including red flowers in your bouquet. Change into a red party dress for your reception.

The Sweetheart neckline for wedding dresses is a natural for this holiday. It is low-cut and resembles the rounded curves of a heart. – SW

 Ruffled red wedding gown by designer Thien Le.

Photo: WHNetwork Media/Kin Wong

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