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Tuxedo trends and shopping tips for your wedding

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Tuxedo trends to help choose the right suit or tux to look your best for your bride.

Tuxedo trends and shopping tips for your wedding.

Tuxedo trends on the runway.

Tuxedo trends and shopping tips for your wedding.

Rose Brocade dinner jacket.

After suiting nearly 900 men for weddings and red carpet moments, Canadian tailoring house Garrison Bespoke has put together tuxedo trends featuring made-to-measure formal suits.

Whether you are a man who wears suits regularly or a groom shopping for his first suit, buying a tuxedo or suit for your wedding day can be a daunting task.

Tip 1: Pick a suit that photographs well.

It is important to choose a suit that photographs well. Look for a fabric that catches the light beautifully like Mohair or silk. And a lapel that is made of satin if you are going the tux route. These fabrics have something called lustre, which gives a slight shine and photographs beautifully.

Tip 2: Go structured.

With jackets, be sure to select an English roped shoulder which gives the impression of a strong shoulder and is a timeless look.

A higher armhole on the jacket adds more flexibility and a shapely silhouette. If you want the illusion of a broader chest, go for a wider lapel.

For a structured, slimming look, choose a tuxedo or suit with a triple layer horsehair canvas chest piece. It acts like a corset for men, hiding a multitude of sins and creating a clean and sleek silhouette.

Tip 3: Lose the belt.

Look for a tuxedo with side tabs to hold the trousers in place instead of belt loops. A belt breaks up the body, whereas loop-less trousers lengthen the silhouette. It is one less headache when getting ready.

Tip 4: Go for a higher rise.

Choose a pair of trousers with a higher rise. A higher rise trouser will sit on the waist more comfortably and hide a belly very well.

Tip 5: Go low to lengthen.

Choose a jacket with a lower button stance to give the illusion of length to the torso without looking boxy. A longer jacket lengthens the leg, covers your seat and is a more timeless look for photographs.

Tuxedo Trends are showing colorful dinner jackets for receptions.

Trend #1: Color. Men are no longer afraid of color, they are using more vibrant and interesting hues. Electric Blue, Violet and Burgundy are favorites.

Trend #2: Double Breasted. The double breasted slim cut tux is fast becoming a favorite thanks to films like The Great Gatsby. It has been a while since it came out but the stylish looks worn by Leonardo DiCaprio are still a hit.

Tuxedo trends and shopping tips for your wedding

Dinner jacket ideas for special occasions.

Trend #3: Separates. Dinner jackets are a great way for grooms to change up their look at the reception. It is an opportunity to try something bolder. Like a colorful purple jacket or play with patterns like a rose brocade jacket.

The Garrison Bespoke flagship boutique in Toronto is the first bespoke shop for grooms and groomsmen in North America. Visit

Tips & Trends courtesy: Garrison Bespoke Stylist and Celebrations expert Emma Tynan.

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