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Travel Money Tips Destination Weddings Honeymoons


Travel money tips for keeping track of your valuables.

Travel Money Tips such as learning the currency exchange of the destination you are visiting. [2]

Travel money tips by car, planes or trains and more.

Cell phone charges.
The absolute worst is realizing that your phone is getting a signal in a foreign country. Then remembering you forgot to turn its data off. Keep in mind when you cross the border by land or by sea your cell is using data internationally. And unless you have a different program you will be getting a charge.

Travel money tips.
Give your mobile service provider a call before you leave the country to review your terms. If you are interested in a raised flat fee possibly switch to an international plan for your trip. Or you can ask your mobile company if a travel plan is available.

If you have found yourself in the worst-case scenario of accruing charges without realizing it. Call customer service to see if they will retroactively give you an international deal.

Travel money tips for ATM charges.

Always touch base with your bank before you travel. Especially if you are heading overseas. Taking money out at ATMs abroad sometimes means getting fees from your own bank. And the bank you are getting money from. Plus an international fee.

Travel money tips. Know what your bank restrictions has before traveling. You will get the best conversion rate using an ATM rather than a currency converter at the airport. Take out larger sums of money each time. Fewer stops at the ATM mean fewer fees.

Travel money tips for rental cars.

Never assume when you make your rental car reservation that the cost you are quoted is what you will spend in the end. Make sure you budget for extra costs. Like fuel, insurance, upgrading, parking and tolls. And putting an extra driver on your plan. Know the gas rates of the city you are going to. Decide beforehand whether the additional outlays of car transport is necessary.

Travel money tips. Green cities like San Francisco, CA in the United States and Vancouver, BC in Canada are appealing. And more to eco-conscious travelers who like walking, bike options and sustainable initiatives.

Travel money tips courtesy www.cheapflights.ca. [3]

Travel money tips for car travel.

If you are traveling by car anytime here are some trouble-free travel tips to help crime prevention.

1. Pay attention to your surroundings.

2. Pick gas stations that are well-lighted. Always remove your keys and lock the car doors while you are pumping gas.

3. Keep your valuables such as GPS, MP3 players and cell phones out of view in your vehicle. Lock the doors even if you are stepping away from the vehicle for just a moment.

4. Use motion-detection lights outside. Trim hedges to reduce potential hiding places for burglars.

5. Set automatic timers on a few interior lights to give the impression that someone is home.

6. Ask the post office to hold your mail. Or a trusted friend or neighbor to collect it while you are away. Do the same with home delivery of flyers and newspapers.

7. Never leave your hotel room unlocked even to go to the ice or vending machine.

8. Check all the locks in your room. Each door and window should have a sturdy key lock and a well-constructed deadbolt.

9. Never open the door to someone you do not know well or trust.

10. Take only the credit and other cards you will need. Leave the others at home stored securely.

Source. National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).

Travel Money Tips for your destination wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Travel money tips in a foreign country.
Depending on the amount of time you will be in a foreign country preparing for a trip can take anywhere from a couple days to many months. Like many couples your thoughts consist of what clothing to pack. Buying extra memory cards for your digital camera. And figuring out if your cell phone will work in the country you are going to.

Most importantly you want to prepare as much as possible in advance. You will likely be in unfamiliar surroundings and amongst people that may not speak your language.

Here are some safe travel money tips.

• DO safeguard your valuables. Use a fanny pack or something with a zipper instead of an open pocket or purse. Check for safety deposit boxes at the hotel. Before departure alert your bank and credit card companies of dates and locations of travel. Pack as few credit cards as possible. Keep a separate reference sheet with International numbers to report a theft.

• Become conversationally proficient if you are traveling to a place where their native language is different from yours. Learn some key phrases and practice the local language before taking the trip. You can buy a language book or software instruction programs. Or visit language-learning websites and practice with online chats.

• Make sure someone such as your friends or family has a copy of your itinerary and contacts. Check in with that person once you arrive. And provide them with a guideline on how often you will be checking in.

• Familiarize yourself with the local customs and laws. As tourists you are still responsible for following the laws of that country.

Travel Money Tips such as using the local money currency.

Find an easy formula for converting numbers in your head. And for accurate and timely currency conversion visit www.xe.com [4].

• Map out your destinations in advance. Ask your friends and family for recommendations of safe places to visit. As well as places to avoid. If you are taking a short honeymoon this will help to make sure you go everywhere you want to visit.

• DO NOT look like tourists. Try to observe the styles of the locals. So you do not become a target for people looking to prey on tourists.

• Please DO remember your manners and gratitude. Smile and show your appreciation to the locals who are pleased to help.

Source www.livemocha.com [5] a language-learning website.

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