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Travel Gift Registry for Destination Wedding or Honeymoon

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Before you select a travel agent ask if they will support your travel gift registry.
Travel Gift Registry for Destination Wedding or Honeymoon. Canadian passport.A travel gift registry for destination weddings and honeymoons are being accepting with most travel agents.

If you are dealing with an agency that is part of a chain establish where their locations are. 

Then add the travel agency name, contact, address, email, phone and their website to your wedding gift registry list.

If you have a wedding website update your travel gift registry in your gift registry section.

If you are booking your travel online remember this is a special day for the both of you. Be prepared to do your research and book only when both of you are confident in the destination and what you are paying for.

Print a hard copy of your trip to read before you confirm with payment. It is easier to change things before you pay.

There are other travel items you can place on your travel gift registry. These are items you may need for your destination wedding or honeymoon. Such as luggage, swimwear, evening wear, cameras, sports equipment, travel accessories and so forth.

The Travel Gift Registry includes other travel accessories that you may need.

Travel Insurance.
A policy from a travel insurance company usually covers major illness. A death in the family. Or if the travel agency or agent goes out of business.

Read the agency policy conditions to make sure that everything is covered. Such as default and failure to produce your trip. Medical problems or injuries.

The same conditions should apply when you are booking online. Make sure to print a hard copy of your insurance policy for your files.

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