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Travel Fees Saving tips on Extra Hidden Costs

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Saving travel fees on your destination wedding or honeymoon.
Travel Fees How to Save tips on Extra Hidden Costs.

Travel Fees. How to save on hidden costs.
The best way to save is to do your homework. And to pay attention to unexpected costs and hidden travel fees before you board a flight. And the best way to handle them.

Extra charges and hidden fees surface from every direction when you book to fly whether locally or abroad. For those willing to do their due diligence trip deals are out there to be had.

Check airline websites for travel terms to pinpoint specific low-cost days to fly.

Peak travel day fees. Experts contend that every day in June, July and August. Christmas and New Years are considered high peak days for travel. Meaning yet another surcharge from many airlines. And another hidden cost to flying during traveling.

Fuel surcharges. With the cost of fuel on the never-ending rise it is important to research different airlines’ gas-related charges. Major airlines have added fuel surcharges to routes where there is less competition. Avoiding the pressure to compete with low-cost airlines.

Many carriers like American Airlines bundle fuel surcharges in with federal taxes. Identifying them together as a general fare increase. Certain Canadian airlines like Air Canada are rolling fees into advertised base fares on domestic and US-bound flights.

Read the fine print before you book. If you are flying domestically when the charges apply stick to the carriers that are not tacking on cloaked charges.

Travel Fees on baggage and extra hidden costs.

Travel insurance. Buying travel insurance may be the smartest decision you make on a trip. Especially when hurricanes and other natural disasters are involved. Sometimes travelers are covered for insurance or flight reimbursement without even knowing it.

Check with your credit card company to see if flights purchased with a particular card are reimbursed if canceled. Revisit your health care policy as well.

Many insurance groups cover international accidents. Whether you have broken a limb water skiing in the Galapagos Islands. Or developed malaria while exploring Southeast Asia.

There is no need to double up on travel fees. So reacquaint yourself with your coverage.

Baggage fees. First rule of thumb pack lightly. Typically for international flights carriers permit flyers to check two pieces of luggage up to 50 lbs. each. But the game is constantly changing.

Some companies like US-based Southwest Airlines count on their free baggage approach to lure travelers the discount route. While other companies charge for a second bag. Or even both at full cost.

Factor baggage fees in when booking your trip. If a major airline has a better deal but you plan to check two bags the real deal could be finding alternatives.

The right credit card could save you too. Companies like Delta Air Lines offer a free first bag if you book using their credit card like the Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card.

If you are going for an extended period of time consider shipping your luggage. It may prove cheaper than checking it. And you save baggage travel fees.

Seat assignments. Leg room is everything for some travelers though now it comes at a cost. As does choice seating and other in-flight preferences. Do research before you fly and factor in what is important for you to travel most comfortably. If that means paying for checked baggage but having the option of an emergency exit seat then choose accordingly.

Travel Fees added to your budget like getting to and from airports.

Getting to and from the airport.Flying out of major cities like Toronto or Montreal can mean spending an extra $100 or more if you are getting to or from the airport by cab. To avoid the hefty travel fees leave a little earlier and opt instead for public transportation.

Plus sometimes. Rush hour on Manhattan subways and buses will get you to the airport quicker than by car. If you are daunted by the idea of public transit. Book an airport shuttle online ahead of time. Or ask your hotel what free or inexpensive transport options are available.

If you are driving to the airport park your car at a discounted parking lot. Short- or long-term the travel fees savings will pay off.

Food and drink in transit. Packing snacks for your flight is not just healthier it is cheaper. Pack empty water bottles and once through security fill them up at a water fountain. Fill baggies with solid snacks that save at terminal restaurants. Meal and snack options are getting pared down. And they can add to costly travel fees on most airlines.

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