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Travel books help choose romantic destinations.

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W&H Picks for Travel Books.

Travel books help to find a romantic destination for a wedding, honeymoon or getaway. It helps if you know something about the guidelines, foods, customs, language, cultures and more.


Travel books to Pack Smart. Pack Light. Five Simple Rules to Smart Packing.Travel books help choose romantic destinations like Smart Packing book with tips by Susan Foster.Author Susan Foster has one of the best travel books for packing. She suggests a good first step is to pack light. 

Packing light in one carry-on bag gives air travelers the freedom to change flights quickly. And to be the passengers who gets the seats on the next flight without checked luggage hassles.

Foster sees at least one positive result of recent travel nightmares. Packing light eliminates sore backs and offers freedom she points out. With less to worry about and less to lift and lug. Travelers will benefit with more flexibility to cope with the various stresses of travel.

Going by car or train or bus? Do not use that as an excuse to pack a lot more. If you use these same tips you will have less to drag around and less to keep track of.

Travel books help choose romantic destinations.

Tried-and-true advice for five smart packing steps. Plan, select, edit, pack and go.

1. PLAN. As you plan your trip think about what clothes you will need for the weather and your scheduled activities. Then create a packing list. Without a list you are sure to forget an important item either at home or along the way.

2. SELECT. Items to pack placing them out in an undisturbed area. This is best done several days before departure.

Check the destination weather again to make sure you have chosen the right things to be comfortable. Smart travelers know the amount of clothing packed has nothing to do with the length of the trip.

There is little difference between packing for a week and packing for a month. You simply wear and clean the same things more times.


3. EDIT. Your selections to fit into a small suitcase. The larger the bag the more you will pack and the more it will weigh. A 22″ rolling bag, the largest legal carry-on size should serve most travelers for most trips. By just taking less.

• Choose versatile pieces that can work in different combinations. Expect to wear each item more than once.

• Take fewer things and plan for laundry. Either hand washing, a stop at a coin operated laundry or using hotel service. For example pack only three pair of quick-drying underwear that can be washed out and dried overnight. One to wear, one to wash and a spare.
• Resist the impulse to add in but what if I need items.

• Three pairs of shoes are absolutely the maximum. One to wear and two pair to pack. Make sure these shoes are comfortable. You won’t have fun if your feet hurt.

• Take only three ounces of essential cosmetics and toiletries. Buy sample travel sizes. Or transfer the amount needed into small containers.

• Check the travel requirements for liquids and gels. Place them in a one-quart zip top baggie for easy airport security inspection. If you need more search out non-liquid gel alternatives. Stick deodorant in place of roll-on. Powder makeup in place of liquid. Unless you are going to a remote locale you can buy sample-size items at your destination. Then discard them before flying home.

Travel books help couples choose romantic getaways or your honeymoon.

4. PACKING tips.
At least a day before travel pack to allow plenty of time to edit and repack if necessary. Use the most efficient packing techniques and aids to minimize wrinkling and speed the process.
• Inter-fold large items by alternating layers so they will cushion each other in the suitcase. Adding plastic cleaners bags between layers minimizes wrinkles.
• Group small items like socks, underwear and rolled tee-shirts into packing cubes or zip-top bags. This is to organize, speed packing and repacking.
• Tuck small items into shoes to make use of every inch of space.

5. GO. Travel light to any destination and be comfortable, well dressed and happy.
Smart Packing for Today’s Traveler by Susan Foster (248 pages, illustrations ISBN-13: 978-0-9702196-7-1. US$19.95 paperback). Visit


Travel books help choose romantic destinations like Unabellavista Rome by Anthony Capozzoli.Rome is a combination of romance, relics and ruins. It makes Italy one of the top three Western European destinations.

Author Anthony Capozzoli fell in love with Italy at a young age. His must-see sights in his travel books always include museum tours. While he loves the masterpieces and the sense of history he does not ignore the call of fine shopping, food and wine.

To really explore a city you need to travel independently and look for the local attractions. Not just the tourist traps explains Capozzoli in the book. He is a Chicago native whose family hails from Campagna and Sicily. He encourages the reader to find a restaurant that looks and smells wonderful then defer to your server’s expertise.

It is the best way to get the best authentic dishes. The same applies for your entire experience. Just embrace the culture and they will want to guide you.”
To truly enjoy Italy you need to plan to avoid the common aggravations that can dampen overseas travel. 

Key tips from travel books to make the most of your visit.

• Be respectful and try to speak some Italian. It will inspire locals to guide you.
• Buy train tickets or rail passes online. This helps ensure you understand the rail system.
• Book museum reservations online so you do not waste time standing in line.
• Call your credit card company to inform them of your trip ahead of time so they don’t think overseas charges are fraudulent.
• When packing less is more.
• Bring an empty duffel bag to carry souvenirs home.

• Bring extra digital camera memory cards. Or film and batteries for your camera. They are expensive in Italy.
• Rent a mobile phone if you want to be reached.

• Grab your hotel’s card with the phone number and address to help you find your way back. Remember to add the major sight or piazza the hotel is near to aid in directions.
• Bring electrical adaptors for your hair dryer, iPod or camera. Anything that needs electricity.
• Keep a color copy of your passport picture page in your money belt.  Put your passports in your hotel safe.
• Consider renting an apartment instead of booking a four star hotel.
• Do not flash your cash. NEVER leave your camera or purse unattended.

UNABELLAVISTA ROME How to Tour Italy. Guidebook and CD by Anthony Capozzoli (Bella Industries Publishing 2007. Paperback $18.95). Visit


Travel books to help you choose a destination wedding in the best of Hawaii weddings.Over 20,000 brides choose Hawaii for their destination wedding each year.

Author and wedding planner Tammy Perkins knows so much about what the islands have to offer. She has taken careful consideration in providing one of th best travel books for locations, vendors and services to take the guesswork out of planning.

Perkins has created The Best of Hawai’i Wedding Book showcasing Maui, Lanai, and Kauai. It features exclusive reviews of top wedding and reception locations. Including beaches, churches, resorts, restaurants and gardens.

Listings of services such as officiates, caterers, photographers, videographers, musicians, flowers and rentals. Hawaii specific tips, worksheets and timelines. And resources for accommodations and transportation.

She has planned thousands of destination weddings in Hawaii including a featured wedding on the Travel Channel.

The Best of Hawai’i Wedding Book A Guide by Tammy Perkins. (New World Library ISBN 978-1-930722-64-4 $16.95).

W&H | Travel books help choose romantic destinations.


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