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Toronto Spa Brides Enjoy Therapeutic Waters

November 19, 2013 9:08 pmViews: 481

  Check the Toronto spa Body Blitz for one of the best ways brides are preparing for their nuptials.

Toronto Spa Brides Enjoy Therapeutic Waters.

The Toronto spa Body Blitz therapeutic waters.

At the Body Blitz Toronto Spa, director Sara deRuiter feels that the therapeutic waters are one of the best ways for the bride-to-be to eliminate stress.  And at the same time, they can share it with their family members, girlfriends, and bridesmaids.

The concept of health by water is from an ancient restorative water practice.  It is the self-cleansing detox for the body.  The facility design is with social bathing in mind.  And they serve juices and teas at poolside.

With over 2000 years of proven therapeutic and medicinal use Dead Sea salt is known to help pain relief.  And at the same time, it helps improve joint mobility and gives relief from skin and rheumatic disorders.  It also aids in the elimination of toxins.  And helps replenish the body with vital nutrients essential to the human body.

Health by water helps brides and bridesmaids eliminate stress at the Toronto spa.

The spa has a hot Epsom salt pool that helps relieve muscle pain.  While it is reducing inflammation that helps muscles and nerves to function properly.  A cold plunge pool is also available to increase the body’s energy level and tighten pores.

The Body Blitz has an aromatherapy steam room with 100% humidity that is perfect for relaxation.  And at the same time, it increases circulation while cleansing and toning the skin.  The steam room is beneficial for respiratory disorders and rheumatic pain too.  An infrared sauna provokes a sweating effect up to three times superior to traditional saunas.  This sauna creates an in-depth detoxification of the entire body.

The Toronto spa has a line of Body Blitz eco-friendly face and body products.  They are made in Canada and use the properties of Moroccan argan oil.  These are the products they use during the spa treatments.  And you can find them on their website.

The Toronto spa offers a 10% discount for group bookings of six or more receiving treatments.

It is the second location for the Body Blitz Spas in Toronto. Visit

W&H| Toronto spa good for bridal stress has therapeutic waters.


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