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Swarovski Jewelry Collection Feels Like Royalty

June 14, 2014 11:12 amViews: 1077

Swarovski Jewelry Collection ideas for Your Special Day.

Swarovski Jewelry ideas are useful when you are shopping for gifts.

The Swarovski jewelry Acapulco collection. 

Swarovski Jewelry Romantic Collection for Brides-to-be.

Swarovski Jewelry Collection Feels Like Royalty. Swarovski ring.

Swarovski jewelry ring.

Feel like royalty on your big day with this romantic collection entitled Tropical Paradise. That would bring any groom to his knees while he watched his bride glisten down the aisle.

The inspiration behind this line of accessories comes from the exotic locale of Latin America. What sets this collection apart from other Swarovski jewelry accessories is its array of vibrant colors that capture the true spirit of a tropical paradise.

This spring-summer 2013 collection was perfect for any bride who is deciding to tie the knot. Here are some accessory ideas to consider for your big day.

The first accessory comes from the Tabloid collection. This stunning tabloid cuff is the perfect statement piece if your dress is fairly simple. The cuff is exceptionally sparkly and radiates a glamorous feel. It features twisted metal links combined of white opal and silver crystal. You will have not only the groom in awe but all your guests as well.

Swarovski Jewelry Collection Feels Like Royalty with the Tania necklace.

The Tania necklace.

Keeping with the glamorous chic feel another choice would be the Tania necklace. As shown right it is perfect for a modern bride. The necklace displays a beautiful crystal mesh which is very comfortable to wear and leaves a breathtaking sparkle.

Swarovski Jewelry is also for the bride who is not into the glitz look.

If you are a bride who is not into the glitz and glam look but would rather like to keep it simple. Then the Triumphal cuffs and rings from the Acapulco collection shown above would be the perfect fit for you. The cuff is made of white acrylic glass and is made up of a variety of crystals.

The Triumphal ring is made of acrylic glass. Which is comfortable to wear and gives a fresh look. If you are looking for something blue the cuffs and rings come in a beautiful turquoise blue too. This will  give you that burst of color to offset your white dress.

Swarovski jewelry collection feels like royalty with the Tosha earrings..

The Tosha earrings.

Finally if you want to keep it really simple but wish to have that princess feel. Why not complete your wedding look with a beautiful pair of show-stopping earrings from the Miami collection? Inspired by folklore these Tosha pierced earrings shown left are the perfect accessory. They are made of clear crystal accented with delicate Indian pink crystal for a hint of color. Feel like royalty walking down the isle with these stunning earrings.

Swarovski jewelry collection features fun items like the Nirvana.

The Nirvana.

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. Swarovski offers a collection called Nirvana that includes crafted rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The pieces come in a variety of tropical colors adding sophistication to any outfit. These are perfect gift ideas to say thank you for being part of my big day!

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