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Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures

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Jump into fall with some bold colors from Swarovski Crystal that make statements!

Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures. Vona necklace matching Vona brooch.

Swarovski Crystal vintage style Vona necklace matching brooch.

Swarovski Crystal Fall/Winter 2013/14 Secret Treasures Collection offers bold colors and accessories for the modern bride. The collection is inspired by four legendary locations. China, the Himalayas, India and Venice. The collection was created to capture the essence of a journey. This journey embodies modernity and sophistication to make each piece unique.
Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures. Swarovski Vermeil Cuff.

The first piece comes from the Vermeil collection. It is a gold-platted cuff inspired by dark glamor. The non-traditional bride who is going for a gothic-chic themed wedding could wear it.

If this piece is too bold for a bride the cuff shown left would be the perfect accessory for bridesmaids. Especially for those weddings that still wish to carry on a theme with darker bolder colors.

Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures. Swarovski Vera Necklace and Cuff.Moving away from the gothic-chic look another choice is the Vera necklace and matching cuff. This stunning collar offers  combinations of crystal rock and pointiage.

This is the perfect piece for a bride who wishes to feel glamorous. If the collar is a bit too over the top you can tone things down by wearing just the Vera cuff. The Vera cuff is not as bold as the necklace but still maintains glamorous and a statement piece. Shown right.

Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures. Swarovski Venetie Cuff,Another trend that has continued to grow in popularity over the year is rose gold. For the more rustic bride this cuff from the Venetie collection is opulent and stylish. Shown left.

The bangle is set in dark crystal colors. It features an oval faceted cabochon that sparkles in six different crystal colors. This bangle will not disappoint.

Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures. Swarovski Vona Necklace.For those brides looking for a more vintage style see the Vona necklace and matching brooch. The necklace shown right sparkles in clear crystal in a bezel setting. It is for the wedding day or the rehearsal dinner.

More and more brooches are becoming in style. The Vona brooch featured above would be an accessory to offset any outfit. Especially for your bridal shower. Another idea to utilize the brooch would be to add it to the inside of your bouquet to give it a clear crystal shine!

Swarovski Crystal Fall cufflinks for grooms or gifts.

For the Groom.
Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures. Swarovski Mens Watches.

Swarovski Crystal Fabulous Fall Secret Treasures.It is important to remember that the wedding day is not just all about the bride. Swarovski has not forgotten about the men. They offer a selection of watches and cufflinks to choose from. The cufflinks from the Very collection add an elegant classic touch and offers a masculine design.

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