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South Asian dresses for wedding guests

February 19, 2018 3:33 pmViews: 105

   South Asian dresses you can wear to an Indian wedding.

South Asian dresses for wedding guests and their families.

   South Asian dresses to shop if you are a wedding guest at an Indian wedding.  Or looking for your own bridal outfits.

Didi’s Wardrobe a reseller of new and gently used Indian clothing announced its international expansion plans.  And it includes individuals who want to buy or sell new and used Indian clothing such as saris, Kurta pajamas, costume jewelry and more.

   The Chicago-based business offers to consign and sell new and used Indian clothing online.

   Having the option to sell personal saris and lehengas is a new concept to the South Asian community.    Individuals have the option to sell their items through two methods, Post A Sale or We Post for You.

   Through the Post a Sale process, individuals are able to post their own items by uploading pictures and measurements that is currently open to U.S. residents only.

   South Asian dresses for guests and their families to wear to Indian weddings.

   International clients can use the We Post for You method. Through this process clients are able to mail their items on consignment and the company will post them on the website for free.

The online company sells hundreds of new and gently used South Asian clothing for women, men and children. On an average, the prices are up to 80 percent off retail. The company does not charge a posting fee. A nominal fee is paid to the seller when an item is sold.

Garments are checked for quality and condition before they are posted for sale.

If you are buying an item to wear once, you can turn it around and sell it on the same site.

Jewelery and accessories are available as well. The site has the tools to figure it all out.

They have an Wedding bridal gown link for shopping, ideas or costs.

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