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Short wedding dresses new trend

February 18, 2016 1:12 pmViews: 253

Short wedding dresses are a new look for ceremonies or receptions.

Short wedding dresses new trend for ceremonies or receptions.

Short wedding dresses trending for destination weddings.

San Francisco based designer Beverley Siri’s own wedding in 1999 led to the design of understated wedding gowns. This makes the simple elegant dresses perfect especially for destination brides.

One of the trends Siri is finding for the upcoming weddings is the demand for short bridal dresses. Why? Some of the Brides don’t want to worry about their train getting dirty or ripping from being stepped on.

If you are looking for a wedding gown for the ceremony and something different for the reception. The short dress is becoming the new trend. This way you can dance the night away without the restriction of wearing a long gown.

If you like a style you can change the fabric on either dress to give it a different look.

If you are getting married again, a short wedding dress may be a good choice.

It’s a truly wear-again garment for the modern bride who probably won’t be putting the dress away.

Short wedding dresses new trend for brides for ceremonies or receptions.

Short wedding dresses are trending for brides getting married again.

Tips for Brides from designer Beverley Siri when choosing your perfect dress.

• Do pick a dress that feels comfortable and most like you. Your wedding day should reflect your best self.
• Do bring just one person that is your confidante. Too many opinions will confuse you and you may not end up picking the dress that you love.
• Do choose a style that you will want to remember yourself in when you look back at all the pictures in years to come.
• Do bring a pair of heels around the same height as what you are expecting to be wearing on your wedding day. And wear or bring undergarments that would be best under a bridal gown or dress. The dress can look different with a pair of heels and the right undergarments. You want to know how the dress really will look on your day.

Here are the Do-nots.
• Do not feel like you need to spend a fortune on a wedding dress. Look for sales. Do not limit your options.
• Don’t shop at too many bridal salons. Research each of their websites to see if they have the general direction of what you’re looking for.
• Don’t miss your appointment at a bridal salon. It is best to be courteous to the salon as well as other brides. The salon is holding a time slot for you. Other brides will not be able to shop at that time if the time is reserved for you.

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