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Saint Lucia island where romance is in the air

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Saint Lucia island is well known for destination weddings, honeymoons and renewing vows.

Saint Lucia island where romance is in the air.

Balenbouche Estate cottage on Saint Lucia island.

I was invited to the Saint Lucia island for a three day greet, meet and tour with other journalists from North America. Getting there from Toronto, Canada on the American Airlines early flight meant being at the airport at 4am (EST). Check-in and Customs were fast.

Then there’s the waiting time for the flight so bring your own morning treats. Once in the air, by the time you have taken a short nap you will be landing on Saint Lucia island. At the airport we were greeted and taken to our host resort, the Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa. There the staff gave us a warm welcome with a fresh drink and towel before taking us to our rooms.

This is one trip I left the tech toys at home – no cell phone, laptop or iPad. This way, I could enjoy the sounds and smells and sights of this island of seventh heaven. The fascinating thing is that this island is a live volcano!

Saint Lucia island where romance is in the air. Off we went with our team and resort host for a fast orientation tour of Coconut Bay Resort and beach, pictured right.

There are over 100 acres to walk and see the view. Then we went to the beach and ocean for a dip with the real thing – salt water.

The resort also has pools to swim those laps or just to have your pool-side drink of choice.

The resort grounds are breathtaking with several shades of green and every color of flowers in sight. Your room has a view full of sunlight and natural beauty. In each room there is the C Bay Bulletin that lets you know what daily activities are going on. It’s your choice how active you want to be.

At night the Saint Lucia island changes, and romance is in the air.

We dined at three restaurants on the resort, including. Bellagio for fine Italian a la carte. There is a proper dress code for all the restaurants, so bring that special shirt/pants and for your love a dress or blouse/evening pants.

Good thing they didn’t say any thing about our hair! There’s a talented piano player singing in the background in the upstairs main lobby. It’s a real class thing.

At night the stars seem like you can see forever – we even saw shooting stars.

Bring your dancing shoes to enjoy the Caribbean music. Now is the time to make all those dancing lessons pay off.

The next day we were off to see and smell the sulfur spring. Wow! It’s a sight to see a live sulfur mine at work. Sulfur Springs is a seven-acre crater billed as the world’s only drive-in volcano.

It has bubbling pools and hot springs where you can bathe in the warm sulphuric river which is recognized for its soothing effects. A must see or feel in your lifetime.

Then we went to see the Balenbouche Estate where King Kong would be at home, because of all the natural flowers and fruits and nuts that grow on the Saint Lucia island.

If you’re a nature nut like me you’ll love this. The estate was an 18th century sugar plantation, so bring your camera to click away as the sights are picture perfect.

Saint Lucia island where romance is in the air.

We visited the village of Soufriere and then went on the boat tour of the Island and to lunch before we all got wet and snorkeled around the small reefs. The ocean water is warm and clear. It’s like a double take on fish life. I always say to myself these fish must be thinking, “Oh look! More people from the north clicking away to take our pictures!”

Lunch was a family affair at J. J.’s Paradise run by a local chef who only owns the ship for a toy. I must say he’s been doing something right for over 30 years and its not just cooking cheeseburgers! The five-course meal was just mouth watering from the fish cakes to the ice cream.

Back at the hotel we freshened up for dinner at the Asian-inspired Silk restaurant with host Jeffery Humes. After dinner we all relaxed at the piano lounge and listened to those great songs that make us all feel good inside. Wonderful way to end the day.

Now I must say there is nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rise up out of the water, with a fresh cup of coffee in your hand and thinking about all the things you have to be thankful for.

During the day in Saint Lucia we all were getting ready to play. Or I should say me, George of the jungle, with a wild harness ride through the rain forest.

And again how many times do you get to do this in your lifetime? I must say lots of fun and the team at Palm Services Tours help you all along.

The team all have something to say before your next ride down, like “Are you okay for the next challenge?” So say your prayers each ride down – you never know. Be really good to them. They are your safety net.

Being in a Saint Lucia rain forest must be like being in heaven with all the luscious trees and plant life. It is really something to see.

After that wild and fun ride through the rain forest we all headed for a family-style picnic lunch. And after it was ATV time for a spectacular ride along the hills and coastline and then a swim in the ocean. Even if you’ve never ridden on an ATV, give it a try.

The crew is there to help you along. And what a great way to see Saint Lucia island, it is the best postcard, actually living it.

Now it was time for me to relax at the Kai Mer Spa oceanfront at the Coconut Bay Resort.

I had a full menu to choose from, but I left it up to the journalist team. They all asked me to do the waxing thing, but when you have as much hair as King Kong it’s not a really good thing to do. So I had a body wash salt rub and then a relaxing new balance massage. Let me tell you this. It was worth the wait and I felt great after. The Spa service staff are all helpful and listen for your special needs. So spa and aloe away and treat yourself.

On our last night in Saint Lucia we enjoyed a Caribbean Night dinner and the entertainment was by an amazing fire-eater with snakes. Lots of fun, great barbecue meal and something for everyone’s tastebuds. We sat back, relaxed, ate and watched the show.

On the last morning, I took a run along the beach, just thinking to myself how calming and wonderful the island was.

I brought along a pair of Holeys to wear along the Saint Lucia beach. They are the best for walking in the water and I give them 10 stars for comfort. They pack easily, are light and available in fashionable colors. I have a navy blue pair and they went everywhere.

Now for a little bit of advice. Do bring just a little clothing, your loved one and a good attitude. Do not over pack your luggage or just leave out a bag. Relax and leave it up to the staff to help you. When you get home you’ll have lots to talk and dream about.

See the information at the end of this article if you are looking for a romantic place to holiday,  propose, get married or honeymoon. The Coconut Bay Resort & Spa is a 12-star for me, and Saint Lucia island will stay a special place for me always.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa on Saint Lucia island’s exotic southern coast offers an unforgettable specials for newlyweds. Check the honeymoon packages that include additional complementary amenities and upgrades.


1. Valid passport and birth certificate and driver’s license.
2. Original proof of Deed Pole (if there has been a change of name).
3. Original Proof of Decree Absolute (if previously married).
4. Original death certificate of spouse (if necessary).
5. If you are under 18 years of age, parental consent in the form of an affidavit stamped by a Notary Public.
6. Original wedding certificate for a renewal of vows.

Couples can customize their wedding plans by contacting the wedding coordinator. The resort offers several different options that can be added into packages. Make sure to check their latest Package rates.

Their luxury package includes a wedding coordinator, bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonnière, witnesses (if required), two-tier wedding cake, champagne, marriage officer and legal fees. They have a deluxe package as well. Check online for additional items, updates and rates.

The Resort is situated on 85 coconut palm-fringed acres along Saintt Lucia island’s exotic south coast, just a short transfer from the Hewanorra International Airport. With a multi-million dollar renovation, it has 254-rooms, three swimming pools, a full-service spa, and the island’s largest water park.

For more information about Saint Lucia island visit Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa in Saint Lucia visit Airlines that fly to St Lucia include: American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, Air Canada from North America; and British Airways and Virgin from the UK.

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