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Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William

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Royal Wedding Cakes over the years from 1923.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.

Royal wedding cakes came in all sizes. Hollywood star Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier are sitting in front of their six-tier wedding cake.

Prince Rainier & Princess Grace.
When Hollywood star Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier on April 19, 1956 in Monaco her six-tier wedding cake proved fit for a princess.

Given to the newlyweds by the pastry chefs at Monte-Carlo’s famed Hôtel de Paris. The cake’s upper two tiers featured a built-in cage that held a pair of live turtledoves. They were released when the couple cut into the cake with Prince Rainier’s sword. The cake was topped off with a revolving miniature of the bride and groom that played Ave Maria and Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.

Prince William & Kate’s Wedding Cake.
Kate used the language of flowers to select the 17 different floral designs for their wedding cake. Each symbolizing a particular quality and naturally including the Sweet William. A Sweet William grants one smile.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William. Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.

Royal Wedding cakes are luxury pieces of art.

Kate ordered their main wedding cake commissioning luxury cake designer Fiona Cairns to make a gigantic multi-tiered fruit cake decorated with cream and white floral decorations.

It is a British tradition to choose fruitcake for weddings and Cairns is famous for these types of cakes.

Cairns said that Kate knew exactly what she wanted. “She used the language of flowers. And had quite a few ideas that led us to how she would like her wedding cake to be quite traditional with a modern twist really,” she said.Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.

Each tier was made exclusive by slight, handmade decorations that were personally requested by Kate.

The metaphorical features of Buckingham Palace were reflected on the cake. But most of the decorations were flowery and each has a meaning.

“Kate has selected these flowers” said Cairns. “For example the bridal rose symbolizes happiness. The oak and the acorn symbolize endurance. And naturally the Sweet William.

A team of 10 persons worked on the enormous fruitcake which was big enough to cater all the guests at the reception.

Prince William breaks tradition with Royal Wedding Cakes.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 includes Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Prince Charles & Princess Diana wedding cake.

Prince Charles & Princess Diana.
Not just one cake would do for Prince Charles and Princess Diana who served 27 cakes at their wedding the 29th of July 1981.

While most cakes were donated by royal watchers. The couple’s official wedding cake was prepared by chef David Avery of the Royal Naval Cookery School.

Topping out at more than five-feet high. The cake was adorned with both the Prince and his family’s royal coat of arms. And decorated with the couple’s first initials, a spray of roses, lilies of the valley and orchids.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 includes Prince William’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip massive wedding cake.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip.
Charles’s mum and dad Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, celebrated their wedding on Nov. 20, 1947 with a 9-foot tall, four-tier cake that weighed in at a whopping 500lbs. Pictured left.

Crafted by McVitie and Price the same biscuit company whipping up dessert for William and Kate’s big day. The showstopper even depicted scenes from the couple’s lives.

Royal Wedding Cakes showcases Crown Princess Victoria from Sweden.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 includes Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel wedding cake.

Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel.
When Sweden’s Crown Princess walked down the aisle with Daniel Westling on the 19th of June 2010 the country’s Association of Bakers & Confectioners gifted the couple their official wedding cake, pictured right.

Weighing 550 pounds the decadent dessert was made up of 11 tiers. Each in the shape of a lucky four-leaf clover.


Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.

Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson wedding cake.

Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson.
Spirits were very high at the July 23, 1986 wedding of Prince Andrew and Duchess Fergie who served their guests a 5½-ft. marzipan and rum-soaked cake.

The towering treat prepared at the navy supply school HMS Raleigh featured 15 ingredients. Including rum, brandy and port. It was large enough to be cut into 2000 slices. Pictured left.

Royal Wedding Cakes for Prince Edward and his Canadian bride.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.

Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones.

Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones.
Dispensing with a customary English wedding fruitcake Prince Edward and his bride selected a seven-tier Devil’s Food cake for their 19th of June 1999 wedding. Pictured right.

Topped with tennis rackets in a nod to the fund-raiser where the couple met, the 10-foot tall confection took baker Linda Fripp and her staff 515 hours to create.

Continuing to break with royal wedding cakes tradition the Earl and Countess of Wessex cut their cake prior to serving dinner. Something that was downright 21st century.

Royal Wedding cakes the photographers delight.

Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.

King Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein & Queen Rania wedding cake.

King Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein & Queen Rania.
It does cut like a knife! For their June 10, 1993 wedding reception, Jordan’s Queen Rania and King Abdullah’s enormous multi-tiered, rectangular-shaped cake decorated with crowns and lace embellishments was sliced down to size with a sword. Pictured left.


King George VI & The Queen Mum.
Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.The official wedding cake of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon later the Queen Mother and then-Prince Albert the Duke of York was put on display in Reading, England before their April 26, 1923 wedding.

Thousands of onlookers viewed the ornate, 10-foot tall confection.

Pictured left.

Royal wedding cakes for Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece.

Crown Prince Pavlos & Princess Marie-Chantal.
Royal Wedding Cakes from 1923 to Prince William.Greece’s Crown Prince Pavlos and heiress Marie-Chantal Miller took the phrase let them eat cake to heart at their July 1, 1995 nuptials. Serving 300 smaller cakes one per table in addition to their main confection.

Pictured right.

The designer of the eight-tier centerpiece by baker Colette Peters inspiration is a china pattern from the Royal Collection.

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