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Royal Honeymoons Seychelles Islands and South Africa

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  Royal Honeymoons for Prince William and Prince Albert and their brides.

Royal Honeymoons at The Oyster Box Hotel in South Africa.

  Prince Alberta and Princess Charlene royal honeymoons choice at
The Oyster Box Hotel in South Africa.

Royal Honeymoons. Prince Albert & Princess Charlene.

  Umhlanga, South Africa.
Following their two-day royal wedding on July 1 & 2, 2011 in Monaco Prince Albert and his bride Charlene Wittstock flew to their royal honeymoon in Wittstock’s homeland.   The couple chose to stay in the Oyster Box Hotel a luxury seaside resort in South Africa.

Royal Honeymoons South Africa for Prince Albert and bride Charlene Wittstock.

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock.
Photo by Karl Lagerfeld.

  The royal couple who met at a swim meet in 2000, were guests at an International Olympic Organizing Committee banquet in their honor at the hotel on July 7th.

  During her engagement the princess-to-be had been to the Durban area twice to participate in Midmar Mar the world’s largest open swim in support of Special Olympics.

  When Princess Charlene was 17, the Rhodesian-born swimmer moved to Durban in South Africa to train for her Olympic bid. And she taught swimming to the children in the nearby port of Richard’s Bay while she was there.

  The Oyster Box Hotel.
The family-run hotel is in the Umhlanga Rocks 20 minutes north of Durban. It was built in 1869 as a beach cottage and was the original navigational beacon known as the Oyster Box. The cottage was made into a hotel in the 1930s. Check the hotel’s website to read more about its history.

The President’s Suite where the royal couple stayed has two floors. An ornate gold-leafed bed, a private swimming pool and a free-standing marble bath overlooking the Indian Ocean. Its terrace and private dining area can hold 10 guests. Price US$7500 per night check for updates.

Royal Honeymoons Seychelles Islands and South Africa for The Duke and Duchess.

Royal Honeymoons Indian Ocean Lodge on Praslin in the Seychelles Islands.

Dinner at the Indian Ocean Lodge on Praslin in the Seychelles Islands.

Royal Honeymoons for the Prince William and Kate Middleton.

On the 21st of May in 2011, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent a 10-day royal honeymoon at the Indian Ocean Lodge on Praslin Island. The second largest of the Seychelles’ inner archipelago islands.

A Seychelles government statement said that the East African nation was an honor to host the couple. Alain St. Ange the head of the Seychelles tourism board told the Associated Press that they left happy and clearly content with their stay.

Before they left William and Kate sent an invitation to the Seychelles Coast Guard staff. And to personally thank them for protecting their privacy on the North Island.

“In a world of so much turmoil they bring a welcome and breath of fresh air with their warmth and humility,” said British High Commissioner Patrick Pillay who saw the couple off.

The Republic of Seychelles comprises of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean. This was the second connection to the royal couple for East Africa. William proposed to Kate in October 2010 in a rustic log cabin on the slopes of Kenya’s highest peak, Mount Kenya.

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