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Romantic Getaways Manhattan Holidays to Weddings

November 3, 2019 11:26 amViews: 427

Visiting the city that never sleeps.
by Bill Watt, Bill Watt’s Worlds.

Romantic Getaways Manhattan Holidays to Weddings

The NYC skyline is a natural Romantic Getaways Manhattan style.

We wanted to revisit New York City and to enjoy its autumn foliage that is always ready for Romantic Getaways Manhattan style.

So, we did both by taking a busy Greyhound from Toronto to New York City.

Traveling by bus between the two cities is comfortable. Far cheaper than flying. And it doesn’t take much longer door-to-door.

Romantic Getaways Manhattan Holidays to Weddings.

Romantic Getaways Manhattan Holidays to Weddings, Central Park, NYC

Central Park in the fall, NYC.

The Big Apple? If you haven’t seen it but even if you have, you will agree that it is a lot like Toronto where we are from. Only bigger!

Now let it be understood that when we refer to New York we actually mean Manhattan. The principal borough that towers to the sky yet still maintains its island perspective. 

We were fortunate enough to be given a deluxe package of attractions by the New York City Convention and Visitors Bureau. And hugely enjoyed the Circle Line’s tour of Manhattan Island by boat. As well as cruisin’ down the river indeed as we saw the Manhattan Skyline fall foliage shown left.

Any visit to Manhattan must include the Empire State Building.

The Big Apple overflows with good eating places. Among them, we enjoyed Kraft’s, Broadway Joe’s Steak House, Rumors, Olympia Deli and McSorley’s Old Ale House.

Romantic Getaways Manhattan Holidays to Weddings.

McSorley’s is in the East Village. It isn’t so much a dining spot as an institution. As it has been in the same location for 150 years. And it hasn’t changed its décor at all!

The wood plank floors are still covered in sawdust. The same photos are on the walls where John McSorley placed them when he opened his establishment, and there are still cats dozing in the comfortable ambiance too. Our lunch? American cheddar, raw onions, crackers and McSorley’s own ale. Ambrosia!

And just to prove again that it’s a small world we ran into a chap from Toronto at McSorley’s. Not only that,  he lives a few blocks away from where we were born. Nice to have met you, Daniel Ryan.


Look we know we’ve hit too few of the high spots of our New York escape. Perhaps we can expand upon the others in a future column.

For now just accept our recommendation. Take the bus to New York. Especially in the fall and especially with someone you love. Visit BW

Romantic Getaways Manhattan Holidays to Weddings.

Official Guide for the Five Boroughs.
There is an unbelievable guide that covers all five boroughs. It lists items from restaurants, theatres, heritage spots and clubs, and the maps are easy to read for walking tours to transportation. It is a perfect romantic getaways Manhattan gift.

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