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Romantic Getaways Japan Osaka Castle fascination

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The romantic getaways Japan is one that I know.

Romantic Getaways Japan include swans and ducks in Lake Hyo.

One of the main attractions of Romantic Getaways Japan is the large number of swans and ducks that come to Lake Hyo in Agano City, Niigata Prefecture. They spend the winter on its National Monument artificial lake.

Romantic Getaways Japan was an ideal place for me to visit as I have always had a fascination for Japan.

When I was a young boy, I remember my mother asking me to point out Japan on an atlas. As she thought it was amazing that I would point directly to Japan.

I use to wonder about a country where the people slept on the floor, or rice-straw tatami matting. Then I found out that the reed mats are sewn together into a futon, that provides a very comfortable sleep.

I knew the people ate with chop sticks, something I have never could master.

My first trip to Japan was to see Expo ’70. The theme was Progress and Harmony For Mankind, and it was held outside Osaka in the Senri Hills.

Canada won the award for the Best Pavilion. Its theme name was Discovery, and it was an invitation to discover Canada. The pavilion was built in the form of a pyramid with mirror exterior slopes that were reflecting the sky.

Osaka is the central city of west Japan with a population of over 3.6 million. The Osaka Castle was built in 1583, and it is one of the popular sightseeing spots. The Kitashinchi is an amusement area that is in front of the Osaka station.

I had the rare opportunity to live Japanese style in a private home, and sleeping on the floor in a futon. My host said that I should never say I can’t sleep Japanese style. Because it took him four tries to wake me up!

One of my visits was Nara, Japan’s first permanent capital from 710 to 794. The Nara Park is in the center of the city with deer striding through its grounds. Also in the park is the Todaiji Temple that is famous for its Great Buddha, and the Kasuga Shrine.

Nearby, and easily reached by train is Kyoto. It was the capital of 794-1868 and it has many temples to visit. The ancient city was once home to the Emperors for approximately 1,000 years. The city became a castle town with the completion of Nijo Castle in the Edo Period from 1603 to 1867.

Behind every temple, there is a beautiful Japanese garden for meditation with flowers, shrubs, trees and fish.

Examples would be the Kinkaku Ju Temple (kingkaku gee) temple of the Golden Pavilion that is covered in gold leaf. The Japanese religion is tied in with nature, and this temple has a sacred garden as a tribute to the gods.

The Heian Shrine also has a sacred garden. It was built in 1895 to commemorate the 1,100 anniversary of the founding of this ancient capital. The movie Sayanora starring the late actor Marlon Brando was filmed there.

Gion is an amusement area occupying the north and south sides of Shijo Street. The famous street has many restaurants and a thick Japanese atmosphere.

Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka are each about 18 miles apart in a triangular shape on the map. But, you can easily get there by train rather than driving or taking the bus.

During my last trip, I was in a section of Tokyo called Ueno, and my stay was in a typically Japanese room in an inn.

I slept in a futon on the reed mat floor, and I sat on the floor to read or watch television at the coffee table.  As you have probably seen in movies, the living room and bedroom had a rice screen to separate them across the doorway that I could close or open.

If one has guests, you just pull out another futon from the cupboard and put it on the floor. The traditional Japanese bath was interesting. You can shower or bath on the floor and get into a small square bath to soak. But, the water was far too hot for me to utilize.

The toilet facility was in a small separate room, and so was the sink. Not like our bathrooms in North America where all the facilities are in one room.

Japanese inns are fun and much less expensive than hotels.

The main downtown area of Tokyo is the Ginza, and the city has a wonderful subway with several lines.

The Imperial Palace gardens are open to the public and are well worth visiting. The days the gardens are open depends on the season. When I left the Palace gardens, I took a walk into the Wadakura Fountain Park. The park is a series of fountains that kept changing its formation as I was photographing the spectacle.

I made day trips to Nikko by train to see the famous temples. And on another day, Hakone to see their inland resort with hot springs. I saw their stone-paved road that was built in 1619. And the Azaleas Garden at the back of the Lakeshore Hotel and Lake Ashi.

IRWIN’S TIPS for Romantic Getaways Japan.
• For further information on brochures and maps contact an I love japan office where you live.

• The cheapest place to eat is in a department store cafeteria, usually on the top floor. The menus are on display in the windows of the restaurant in plastic. When ordering, you can point out to the waitress what you want. When I was there, the prices were reasonable.

• For a fun experience at an inexpensive price, I stayed in a Ryokan. The Ryokan is a Japanese style “bed and breakfast” in a reed matted room. To my delight I had a comfortable futon, and a Japanese style bath.

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