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Resort Collection KAUFMANFRANCO SS 2014 Runway


Resort Collection KAUFMANFRANCO SS 2014 Runway.
Free-flowing pony tails perfect for honeymoon resort collection KaufmanFranco.
Resort Collection KAUFMANFRANCO SS 2014 Runway. Hair Antonio Corral Calero Moroccanoil NYFW Sept 9 2013. [2]
The Hair and the outfits, perfect for Resort Collection KaufmanFranco 2014.
My inspiration for the hair was a sophisticated urban girl. Free-spirited. Secure and confident. – Antonio Corral Calero. Moroccanoil’s Artistic Director.

“Contrasting structure, shape and texture were key elements to the look for the resort collection KaufmanFranco. The hair was round and smooth on top. And close to the sides. Then loosely dishevel in the back above a free-flowing ponytail that moved when models walked.

Black headbands were frames for the faces to counterpoint the clothes. And the hair look is rich and vital with a healthy-looking shine.

How The Look Was Done.

Resort Collection KAUFMANFRANCO SS 2014 Runway. [3]

Antonio Corral Calero Moroccanoil NYFW Sept 2013.

“I mix a cocktail of Treatment with Hydrating Styling Cream. And apply it on wet hair from mid-length to ends. This gives the hair a healthy smoothness and shine. As well as soft hold.”

“Starting at the nape I blow-dry the hair using a Ionic Ceramic Round Brush. This creates fullness and lifts at the roots. Then I direct the hair at the top and sides away from the face. And added extra bend to the ends.”

“I then put Luminous Hairspray Medium on the brush. And smooth down the sides of the hair.”

“Finally I brush and gather the entire length of the hair at the nape of the neck. With my left hand I grip the ponytail and push the rest of the hair upwards. This creates volume and a rounded shape. At the same time I use my right hand to lift and release small flyaways. This loosens the hair above the pony while the hair on top remains round and smooth.”

“After tying the ponytail and wrapping a few strands around its base I put on stretchy black headbands at the hairline freeing the earlobes.”

“Finally I add a light mist of Glimmer Shine Spray. It gave a rich sexy-looking shine to complete the look.”

Visit: www.moroccanoil.com. [4]

Resort Collection KAUFMANFRANCO Runway glitter dress with the flowing ponytail.

Resort Collection KAUFMANFRANCO SS 2014 Runway. Hair Antonio Corral Calero Moroccanoil NYFW Sept 9 2013. [5]


Resort Collection KAUFMANFRANCO SS 2014 Runway. Isaac Franco left. [6]

Isaac Franco, left, with Ken Kaufman.

Before establishing KAUFMANFRANCO in the fall of 2004 Isaac Franco and Ken Kaufman both were designers for Valentino in Rome. As well as Ungaro, and Anne Klein in the US.

Simplicity is a unifying element of their brand. Franco feel that they deliver clothes that are deceptively understated. But when you take a closer look at them they are actually quite complex. They do not rely on decorations but on the cut, fabric and detailing. Kaufman adds “This detailing continues from the outside in manipulating the construction of each garment in order to create an inside-out sexiness.”

The KAUFMANFRANCO resort collection is a mix of pieces with the highest standards of global craftsmanship. Several of the items in their Spring / Summer 2014 collection are delightful for honeymoon wardrobes. The collection was shown during New York Fashion Week in September 2013. Visit KAUFMANFRANCO. [7]

Photos Runway & backstage by David Webber for Moroccanoil.

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