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Renovating home tips and questions to ask before you start.

March 18, 2019 5:49 pmViews: 55

Renovating your home, and keeping you safe with the items you buy.

Renovating your home and knowing what safety questions to ask.

Renovating your home using safety tips.

It might be a surprise to learn there are many health hazards around the home. Even for something as easy as painting a room. But by educating yourself and taking the right precautions, you will help keep you and your family safe.

Here are eight important safety questions that encourages you to ask yourself before starting your project:
1. Could the products I am using be harmful?
Be sure to follow all use and safety instructions on the label, including how to store and dispose of any leftover products. Remember to look for hazard symbols.

2. Should I worry about lead-based paint?
Your home probably contains lead-based paint if it was built before 1960. If the paint is in good condition and is not on a surface that a child or your pet might chew or that is subject to wear and tear. It is best to leave it alone or cover it with paint or wallpaper.

But if the paint is cracking, chipping, flaking or peeling, you need to remove it carefully to avoid kicking up lead dust.

3. Could my house contain asbestos?
Before 1990, asbestos was commonly used for fireproofing and insulating against cold weather and noise. You can reduce your risk of exposure by hiring a professional to test for asbestos before doing any renovations or remodelling. Avoid disturbing asbestos materials yourself.

Renovating your home and knowing how to keep it safe.

4. Are low-emission products available?
Paints and renovation products, like flooring and particleboard, often have a noticeable smell. This odour can indicate that the product contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Some chemical products are labelled as ‘low emission’. This means that they give off fewer VOCs and are safer for your health.

5. Should I ventilate while I renovate?
Yes‚ ventilation can help improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants from the home and by bringing in fresh air from outside. This is especially important when renovating or when using chemical products in the home.

6. How should I dress?
Labels on the products that are useful for renovations will include information about what to wear and precautions to take. This could include using gloves, safety goggles or masks, and keeping the products away from other hazardous materials.

7. Can my family take part?
It is best to keep children and pets safely away from the renovation area. Pregnant women should also avoid taking part in renovation projects.

8. How do I dispose of leftover materials safely?
As your project wraps up, continue to keep safety in mind. Read the label or contact your municipality for advice on how to dispose of any leftover chemical products.

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