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Prince William wedding traditions broken

December 15, 2012 3:41 pmViews: 278

Royal traditions were broken at the Prince William wedding when he did not wear a wearing ring, and he did want a Groom’s Cake. His favourite chocolate one!

Prince William wedding traditions broken with him not wearing a wedding ring and his groom's cake.

Queen Elizabeth shares time with grandson, Prince William.

His bride-to-be Kate Middleton is wearing a wedding band made from Welsh gold. The tiny amount of gold is from the mining Welsh mountains where the newlyweds began their married life on Anglesey in North Wales.

The gold was kept in the royal vaults since it was originally given to William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth has “given a piece of the gold that has been in the family for many years to Prince William as a gift” a palace source said.

Crown Jeweller Harry Collins was likely the designer of the nugget for Kate.

For the record, Williams’ father, Prince Charles, does wear a wedding band underneath his signet ring.

Prince Harry the Best Man at Prince William Wedding.
On February 14 the palace post on their website that Prince Harry was to be William’s Best Man.

Prince William Wedding Groom’s cake.

Monday, March 28, 2011. Prince William broke tradition and therefore personally requested a Groom’s cake. Made of cookies and chocolate it was served alongside the couple’s official wedding cake.

The Groom’s cake is a wedding custom linked with the southern United States. It was literally covered in chocolate decoration and created by Paul Courtney the head cake chef at McVitie Cake Company. Courtney made the cake using a secret recipe given to them by royal insiders.

The cake contained 17 kilos of chocolate and some 1700 of the company’s Rich Tea brand cookies enough to feed all guests.

Prince William wedding traditions broken ordering his chocolate Groom cake.

Prince William wedding traditions broken with his cake and ring.

Former royal chef’s recipe for Groom’s Cake
Prince William’s Royal Wedding Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe is in former Royal Chef Darren McGrady’s cookbook Eating Royally Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen.

The cake is also Williams’ grandmother’s favourite cake. He use to prepare it for both of them when they had Sunday tea together when the Queen knew her grandson William would be joining her from Eton.

Prince William wedding bachelor party.

Prince William wedding traditions broken Harry hosted a bachelor party for brother William.

Prince William and Prince Harry.

March 28 2011 Norfolk. Prince Harry was the host of Prince William’s bachelor party that his twenty friends were sworn to secrecy.

The house party was held within the grounds of the Norfolk Estate that belong to the family of William’s friend Ed Van Cutsen. Van Cutse was one of the ushers in Williams’ wedding party.

Other guests were James Meade who Prince William met at Eton. Also, Thomas Van Straubenzee who the Prince met at the Ludgroe Prep School in Berkshire.

Harry’s original theme for the party was a water-theme with speed boats and water skiing. But, the media heard about it beforehand and Prince Harry canceled it.

Prince William wedding Proposal & Announcement.

Prince William wedding traditions broken with his wedding band and groom's cake.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at their wedding announcement.

Prince William, 28, and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, 28, engagement was in October 2010 during a private holiday in Kenya.

Before leaving, the prince told The Queen and other close members of his family. As well as, he sought the permission of Kate’s father.

The official announcement was on November 16, 2010 on the British Monarch twitter account from Prince Charles’ Clarence House office. As followsThe Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton.

Prince William gave Kate the engagement ring his late mother, Diana Princess of Wales, received from his father Prince Charles.

Kate’s ring is an 18-carats oval blue sapphire engagement ring with 14 small diamonds around it in an cluster.

Read more about the Royal Engagement.

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