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Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding

Prince William Kate Middleton Wed, 29th of April 2011.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with Father of the Bride, Mr. Michael Middleton, who escorted Kate down the aisle.

Prince William Kate Middleton traditional wedding with a modern twist.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

The Royal Wedding. Westminster Abbey London England.
The Prince William Kate Middleton wedding ceremony was watched by millions around the world.

Beginning at 8:15am (London time) guests were showing up at the Abbey. VIP guests came by foot and car then into the church through the Great North Door.

Guests were ushered to their pews by a ten member group of Gentlemen Ushers. A tradition that dates back to the 15th century. Ushers were originally assigned to staff the door of any room in which the monarch was present. Nowadays the men are drawn from the three branches of the Armed Forces. And paid a small allowance to be on hand at ceremonies held by Queen Elizabeth.

At 10:20am. Prince William and his Best Man Prince Harry arrived from the Clarence House. Members of foreign royal families had all arrived at the church.

At 10:20am. Mother of the Bride Carole Middleton and brother James Middleton departed from the Goring Hotel. The bride, her sister Pippa and their mother stayed in one of the premiere suites.

At 10:40am. Members of the royal family began to arrive. Prince Andrew and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. Princess Anne and her husband. And the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

At 10:42am. Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles Parker arrived. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were the last guests to arrive at 10:45am.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

Pippa Middleton.

At 10:48am. Pippa arrived with the kids in the Wedding Party. Her duties were to make the bridal gown was displayed properly. And to control the bridesmaids and pageboys. They had gathered at the Goring Hotel to depart arriving at the church five minutes before the ceremony began at 11:00am.

Kate breaks tradition getting to the church.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

Father of the Bride with daughter Kate.

Kate rode to the Abbey in a Rolls Royce Phantom VI with her father. The car was given to the Queen on her Silver Jubilee in 1977. The vehicle has a raised roof which allowed crowds a view of the bride on her way to become the Duchess of Cambridge.

Service at Westminster Abbey.
The Dean of Westminster the Very Rev. Dr. John Hall conducted the service. The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams married the couple. The Bishop of London Dr. Richard Chartres a friend of Prince Charles gave the address. 

The Kiss & the Carriage.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

The Kiss!

The newly ennobled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Kiss on the Palace balcony was joyfully upstaged by William’s goddaughter 3-year-old Grace van Cutsem. She was one of the official bridesmaids.

They took the Processional Route in an open-topped 1902 State Landau to Buckingham Palace. The same carriage was used by the groom’s parents following their marriage in 1981.

Adorned with gold leaf and upholstered in crimson satin the Landau is normally drawn by six horses but four were used for the wedding. The newlyweds were escorted by captains from the Household Cavalry Williams’ former regiment.

Two more coaches followed William and his bride. They contained Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, the young bridesmaids and pageboys.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

Prince William and bride Kate Middleton on their Wedding Day.

The next carriage carried Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Then a carriage with Prince Charles, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall and Michael and Carole Middleton the bride’s parents.

The Wedding Receptions.
Six-hundred of the 1900 guests received an invited by the Queen to a reception that she hosted immediately after the ceremony.

Later around 300 of those 600 guests were invited to a dinner hosted by William’s father, Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

For the evening reception Kate changed into a white dress by Alexander McQueen.

Prince William ordered a Groom’s cake.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

Groom’s cake topper.

Prince William broke tradition and personally requested a groom’s cake. It was made of cookies and chocolate and served alongside the official wedding cake. Paul Courtney the cake head chef at cookie-makers McVitie Cake Company made the cake using a secret recipe.

Kate ordered the Main Wedding Cake.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

Wedding cake chef Fiona Cairns.

Kate order is the main wedding cake. She commissioned cake designer Fiona Cairns to make a gigantic tiered fruitcake and to decorate it with cream and white florals. The fruitcake is a British tradition for weddings.

Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.

William & Kate’s initials on cake.

Each tier was made by handmade decorations at the request by Kate. The metaphorical features of Buckingham Palace were shown on the cake, and the couple’s initials. “Most of the decorations were flowers that each has a meaning” said Cairns. The bridal rose symbolizes happiness. The oak and the acorn symbolize endurance and Sweet William Grant me one smile.

The Wedding Night.
The couple’s Wedding Night was in London, and the following day they boarded an helicopter to a destination to spend a long weekend. William went back to work for two weeks before they left on their 10-day honeymoon on the Seychelles Islands.

William & Kate’s Wedding Invitation.
Prince William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding.On February 16th & 17th a stiff white 10×6 card invitation went out to 1900 people. From kings to charity leaders. To close family and university friends. To old schoolmates and prime ministers around the world.

The simple wording reads that Lord Chamberlain commands is by the Queen to invite the holder to the marriage at Westminster Abbey at 11 a.m. on April 29. Gentlemen guests request is to wear military uniform, a tailcoat or a business suit.

William & Kate’s official wedding website.
The Royal Wedding website launch was March 2, 2011. Its design had the official information service for the Service, Procession, Reception and Background.

The palace website host was by Google App Engine, and its design was to handle global web traffic peaks. Visit

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