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Portugal Romantic Getaway in Porto photo paradise

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Portugal Romantic Getaway in Porto photo paradise.

Portugal romantic getaway in Porto.

City of Porto in Portugal is a photographer’s paradise.

My love of Portugal enticed me to take a fourteen day tour to see more of the country starting in Porto and traveling north.

I found Porto the second largest city in Portugal to be delightful. The port promenade shown above is along the Duoro River. And one of the most picturesque tourist areas I have ever seen.

September in Portugal is an ideal romantic getaway. It offers clear blue skies. Perfect dry summer weather. And flowers in all varieties and colors.

Portugal Romantic Getaway in the Sao Bento Porto train station lobby.

Sao Bento Porto train station lobby in Portugal.

Then there are the famous Portuguese decorative wall tiles inside churches, the train station and on building exteriors. What a story these tiles tell.

The Sao Bento Porto train station lobby shown above has many of these early 20th century tiles. Some illustrate the history of Port wine. Others the historical events of the city. 

Portugal Romantic Getaway in Porto where you can walk through their historic villages.

Historic villages with stone houses.

The tour lived up to its expectations highlighting Porto. One of Portugal’s best kept secrets with its historic villages with stone houses. As well as many walks through in the countryside. 

I arrived three days before the tour to explore Porto. The Porto side of the river has apartments with colorful balcony railings. And former 18th century warehouses that have been turned into restaurants and shops.

The highlight of the trip was strolling on the promenade along the Douro River. Where the King Luis metal bridge forms a wonderful backdrop.

The bridge was built by a disciple of Gustave Eiffel who built the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Walk up the stairs or take the funicular on the Porto side to see the castle, cathedral and overview of the city. And then walk across the bridge reserved for streetcars and pedestrians for spectacular views of both sides of the river.

It is a photographer’s paradise.

The views of the city and river below bring Porto to life. With the colors of the apartments, store and restaurant umbrellas on the Porto side. And the port lodges that we visited on the Gaia side.

Portugal Romantic Getaways always find their Port wines.

Port wine.

Small Barco rabelo boats sit in the river with wooden barrels advertising the port lodges they represent. In the early days these boats brought the wine to the port lodges to be blended and sold.

Port wine is produced in a certain way only in the Douro region of northern Portugal.

I witnessed many couples walking hand in hand along the Gaia promenade and visiting the port wine tasting lodges.

We visited the Ferreira Winery and their museum. We learned how Port wine is produced and saw wine vats and barrels. Portugal produces 51 percent of the world’s cork for bottles.

Portugal Romantic Getaway in Porto photo paradise.

Convento Val De Pereiras.

Portugal Romantic Getaway Hotel the Convento Val De Pereiras was a former convent.

Hotel was a former convent.

From Braga I took a local bus to visit the Born Jesus Church. It had an unbelievable array of flowers in a picturesque garden.

I also visited the Santa Barbaras Garden in town that took my breath away.

We all enjoyed the lovely town of Ponte De Lime. Our hotel Convento Val De Pereiras shown right was a former convent. It has a swimming pool and boasted awards for its Port wine. Visit www.manorhouses.com.

The tour ended with a sunset boat tour on the Douro River in Porto. And a supper in one of the restaurants.


An airport bus will take you into Porto and drop you off at the door of many hotels. In Porto we stayed at the Universal Hotel located in the main square of Porto. Visit www.portotourism.com

My recommended travel agent in Toronto is JM Vacations. Phone 1-800-268-8974 or visit www.jmvacations.ca.

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