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Photo Travel Tips packing camera equipment

May 14, 2014 10:38 amViews: 158

Photo travel tips for your getaways.

Your camera is one of the most important items to take on your destination wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Photo Travel Tips packing camera equipment.

Photo travel tips for your getaways.

This book has some excellent photo travel tips when you are planning what to bring on your honeymoon.

If you are busy working on those last-minute wedding plans you may not have thought about what camera equipment to pack for going away.

Here are photo travel tips for packing camera equipment. With a checklist of items to take in your luggage. The items that you shortlist works for destination weddings or romantic getaways. And you will want to make sure you have your own images of lasting memories.

• Digital camera.
• Wrist strap or neck strap for your camera.
• Spare lens cap. Just in case.
• Memory cards. One in the camera. A spare in the camera case.
• Rechargeable batteries and plenty of spares. So that you won’t run out of power in the middle of your day.
• Battery charger.
• Zoom lens for D-SLR cameras.
• Lightweight tripod or monopod. For photos when you are using your timer. It keeps the camera steady to get both of you in shot.
• Camera case in which to carry everything around.

Photo Travel Tips for packing your camera equipment.

Remember don’t skimp. Take lots of shots!

You can delete the ones that don’t work. But you cannot go back and shoot anything you missed.

So use the photo travel tips that relate to your destination. Remember to shoot early and often. You never know what you might have in the background of your photos. These little things will remind you of your visit. And you will have more options to choose for your photo albums.

Photopedia The Ultimate Digital Photography Resource by Michael Miller. (Que Publishing ISBN 0-7897-3725-6). Check prices at

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