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Pet Moving Tips preparing them for a new home

August 17, 2015 5:43 pmViews: 105

Some pet moving tips for your dog or cat.

Pet Moving Tips preparing them for a new home.

Pet moving tips for newlyweds new home.

If you are moving to a new home following your wedding, or at any time. Making the transition can be stressful for everyone, including your pets. Often newlyweds are anxious about their pets’ adjustment to a new home. To ensure a safe and successful transition, you can plan ahead and take initiatives to make the process as smooth as possible.

Before the move.
Pull out moving boxes in advance of packing. This allows your pet an opportunity to become accustomed to them. Orient your pet to its carrier or crate so that you have a safe-place for her before and after the move. Try to keep routines as stable as possible. Especially during the flurry of packing and preparation for the big move.

Research by-laws and pet licensing in your new area.
Contact the local municipality for requirements concerning domestic animals in your new area. Ask about licensing and by-laws concerning the responsibilities of pet owners. And check into the availability of off-leash areas for dogs in your new community.

Special considerations for rural areas.
If your new home is in a rural area, be sure to learn the rights of farmers when neighbouring pets venture onto their property. Often, farmers have special privileges when it comes to protecting their livestock.

Transitioning your pet to your new home.
Be prepared for some trepidation, particularly with cats that tend not to take as well to a change in environment. Cats should remain inside for several weeks until they become comfortable with their surroundings. Allow them only short accompanied ventures outdoors.

Take your dog for several walks each day.
This will help him become familiar with the new area. Avoid walking a dog immediately before leaving for errands or work. Plan to be home for a period of time after those initial walks. That way, the dog will associate his new home with positive outcomes.

Pet moving tips from Lincoln Thompson,

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