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Newlyweds Clearing Clutter When Moving Together

April 3, 2015 12:10 pmViews: 236

To throw or Not to throw when combining households is one of the major steps for newlyweds clearing clutter when they are moving in together.

Newlyweds clearing clutter when moving together in your first place.

Newlyweds clearing clutter tips when setting up their first home.

Here are some tips for Newlyweds clearing clutter when moving in together. If you or your new spouse are the kind of person that never cleans out anything. Or keeps everything for years ‘just in case’. Then here are some ideas to discuss.

Author Barbara Tako who use be a ‘just in case’ person. That was until as newlyweds clearing clutter, she saw how her organized mother-in-law always had time for her family and friends.

Tako decided to write a book that would help people reclaim their lives. She is a guest speaker for major corporations that realize an unorganized and cluttered worker is rarely as productive as an organized one.

If just in case never comes.
Tips for people getting married and combining households for clutter clearing. Tips include home organizing for those who keep everything for years just in case.

Newlyweds Clearing Clutter and deciding what to throw and what to keep.

Tips to consider for merging households and living together.

1. This is going to be a combined shared space. So be flexible and gentle with each other. It is a major change in living quarters for both of you.

2. In the kitchen and other utility areas keep in mind you don’t need two of things. There is no point of having two can openers or skillets. You will enjoy your joint space together more if it isn’t overcrowded.

3. When making decisions work together. Pick the best utility item and donate or sell the other one.

4. If you are talking about furniture you have the luxury of picking the nicer pieces. Remember your new place should feel like home to both of you.

Another option is to let certain rooms reflect each of you. His bedroom furniture. Your living room furniture.

5. If you like to shop for household things together consider selling what each of you currently has. You’ll both be making a fresh start.

Newlyweds clearing clutter could be for new furniture. Or used furniture that will be new to both of you.

Clearing draws featured in Clutter Clearing Choices book Before. Uncluttered draw shown in Clutter Clearing Choices book After.

Clutter Clearing Choices book helpful for newlywedsBefore/After sock draw idea for Newlyweds clearing clutter.

The After photo above, shows three cardboard boxes trimmed to size. Subdividing draws help contain clutter in the sock draw. It is a visual guide to maintain clutter.

Clutter Clearing Choices. Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home & Reclaim Your Life by Barbara Tako. The book is a good gift idea for Newlyweds. Visit

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