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Moving Tips for Newlyweds Planning and Packing

September 18, 2015 11:21 pmViews: 342

Planning moving tips six weeks in advance.
moving tips for Newlyweds planning and packing

Moving Tips for Newlyweds suggests advance planning and proper packing.

Getting married and moving top the list of life’s most stressful events. Especially if they occur at the same time the stress can double.

Advance planning, proper packing and organization can make the move go more smoothly. Enabling the couple to enjoy their honeymoon.  

Moving Tips. Start Early.

The following simple tips are to ensure wedded bliss continues through the move.

1. Take Inventory of Your Possessions.

2. Start up to six weeks before the moving date.

3. Take inventory of everything in your home. Have your spouse-to-be do the same.

4. Be sure to include wedding gifts. Such as china, crystal and electronics. Don’t forget other home items that might be stored elsewhere. 

Moving Tips for Newlyweds Planning and Packing.

Moving Tips.

Make a list of the items you’d like to keep. Compare it with the list your spouse has made.

Get rid of duplicate items before you begin packing.

Decide what to throw away or sell. You will save money if you have fewer belongings to be packed and moved.

Moving Tips. Determine How Much You Can Take To Your New Home.

Visualize where you’ll place pieces of furniture to help you decide whether you’ll sell, give away or store pieces that won’t fit. 

Moving Tips. Remember Important Names and Numbers.

Keep a list of all the phone numbers and contact names of representatives if you are using a moving company, the real estate office or apartment leasing company. As well as the utility companies in both your current and future residences.

Moving Tips. Get Some Help!

If you aren’t getting help from friends check out professional movers.

They will estimate the cost. Discuss packing and unpacking options. Work out a convenient schedule. And answer your moving questions.

Find out what their policy is regarding responsibility for broken items.

Most movers have specially designed materials and boxes for china and crystal.  

Follow a Calendar Countdown to the Move.

Create a step-by-step timetable for packing and moving.


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