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Marriage License and Certificate Wedding Information

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Tips for how to get your Marriage License and Certificate.

Wedding Marriage License Certificate Information.

Marriage License and Certificate tips.

First you need to obtain a Marriage License application.

Every city or town has a marriage license bureau in their City Hall. This is where you can pick up an application form.  Or if they have it on their website you can download it. And several bureaus will send it to you by regular mail.

There is a minimum age to marry under the authority of the publication of banns without parental consent. If you are under the minimum age, then you have to have written consent from your parents or guardian. Other restrictions may apply as well. So please check the application to see the minimum age.

First you need a marriage license to be married.
You must fill out a license application form in the city/town where you are getting married.

If you are planning a destination wedding make sure you have a marriage license application from that place before you go. And check the destination’s website for the documents that you are required to bring.

Once you have filled out the application apply for the marriage license in person. And make sure you and your partner bring identification. Such as a birth certificate. Any change of name certificates. A current passport if you have one. Your driving license with your photo. If you are an immigrant bring a Record of Immigrant Landing, or a citizenship card with your photo identification. These documents are to prove your current legal name and age.

There is a fee for a license that is valid from the date of purchase. Check the license expiry date. If it expires before your wedding, the license will not be valid. And you will have to purchase another license.

Your Marriage License must be registered before a Certificate is available.

Obtaining a Wedding Certificate.
Following the marriage ceremony you may receive a Record of Solemnization of Marriage. This record usually comes from the person who is performing your ceremony.

The document includes your names, date of your marriage and the names of your witnesses. The document also lists whether the marriage was done under the authority of a license. Or the publication of banns. This is not your marriage certificate or a legal record.

The person who performed the marriage must forward the completed and signed marriage license to an Office of the Registrar General for registration.

Please Note.
You must register your marriage license before you can apply for a marriage certificate. Check where you got your license if there is a fee for the Certificate.

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