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Mardi Gras getaways around the World

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If you are looking for Carnival or Mardi Gras getaways, here are a few places around the world to check out.

Mardi Gras getaways Pousada Casa Vila Bella in Brazil.

Mardi Gras getaways for breakfast at Pousadsa Casa Vila Bella in Salvador, Brazil.

Mardi Gras getaways are usually fun places to get engaged. If the planning is right. Or if you both want to experience new adventures.

It’s fun to watch or join in with the traditional revelers. They dress up in masks with elaborate costumes and dance in the street to endless music. Most of the celebrations have competitions that you can take part in too.

Mardi Gras getaways in SALVADOR, BRAZIL.

During the epic six-day “Carnaval baiano”, you will be bouncing to the beats of bands and artists strategically stationed throughout this massive street party. So come prepared to mingle with the masses! The annual celebrations in Salvador welcome an estimated two million+ partygoers to the city. You can’t samba your way through the streets without sampling Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha. It keeps you dancing till dawn.

The official party gets started in Salvador on Thursday 23 February 2017. And runs until the 1st of March. But don’t be surprised if people are dancing in the streets well before and after these dates.

With ocean views in the heart of one of the most colorful neighborhoods, the Pousada Casa Vila Bela is a perfect place for some authentic local hospitality.

Mardi Gras getaways in CUSCO, PERU.

As the former seat of power for the Inca Empire, the Peruvian city of Cusco delivers a unique Carnival celebration. The city pays homage to both its Spanish colonial history and indigenous traditions. Dressed in local costumes with colorful streamers, locals flock to the regional capital for a week of festivities. Prepare yourself to get soaked. As the celebrations also include playful water fights in the streets near the central Plaza de Armas. The lively party includes rounds of ritualized dancing around an enormous “yunza” tree loaded with presents and gifts.

Couples take turns trying to hack down the tree. The couple striking the final blow has the task of  sorting out the yunza tree for the following year!

The week-long series of Carnival celebrations 2017 takes place from 24 February to 1 March.

A charming place to stay is at the Tambo del Arriero Hotel Boutique. The hotel is in the Nueva Alta neighbourhood. Just five blocks from the main square of Cusco.

Mardi Gras getaways in BINCHE, BELGIUM.

Mardi Gras getaways in Belgium to see the Gilles roam their streets starting at dawn Ash Tuesday.

Mardi Gras clowns known as Gilles roam the streets starting at dawn Ash Tuesday.

With a Carnival tradition dating back to the 14th century and officially listed as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, this Carnival in the medieval walled town of Binche is hailed as the best in all of Belgium. Nearly a thousand wax-masked clowns known as ‘Gilles’ roam the streets starting at dawn on Ash Tuesday. They dance to the beat of drums in wooden shoes and beating sticks to ward off evil spirits. Later, the Gilles put on fanciful hats with ostrich feathers and toss oranges to crowds as they march through the town. If you are lucky to be pelted with an orange, don’t throw one back—it’s considered a massive insult!

The 2017 official festivities start on Sunday, 26 February and culminate on Shrove Tuesday the 28th. Celebrations include music, street performers, clowns, jugglers and dancers.

The Best Western Plus Orange Hotel in La Louvière is a short drive away from Binche. It is a great base as the hotel includes a bicycle rental service, garden terrace and fitness room. Guests can start their day with the delights from the buffet breakfast before heading to the carnival.

Mardi Gras getaways in IVREA, ITALY.

Mardi Gras getaways at Castello Di Strambinello in Italy.

Suite at the Castello Di Strambinello medieval castle in Italy.

Grab a protective helmet and jump into the fray of one of the world’s most famous food fights “The Battle of the Oranges”. Legend dictates that a young peasant girl would not give in to the advances of a tyrannical lord on her wedding night. And she defiantly decapitated him, spurning a local rebellion. Although arrows are now the exchange of citrus fruit. The re-enactment of this epic battle is no less intense. And it is the highlight of Carnival celebrations in Ivrea. Thousands of inhabitants divide into nine teams intent on beating the “pulp” out of each other!

Around 500,000 kilos of oranges will be hurled around Ivrea from 25 February to 28 February 2017.

You can tend to your battle wounds in style at Castello Di Strambinello, a medieval castle that is a 15 minute drive from Ivrea.


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