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Makeup best bridal face look wedding tips

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Knowing the shape of your face and the color of your skin will help decide your makeup best bridal face look.

Makeup best bridal winning look.

Makeup best bridal model before it was applied.

Before makeup.

Makeup best bridal winning look.

Makeup best bridal look before it was applied.

Before makeup.

MAKEUP best bridal face tips.
False eyelashes. If you are going to wear false eyelashes and never have worn them before practice with them beforehand. Also carry a spare set and glue.

Eyebrows. Get your eyebrows shaped a month before your wedding. If you don’t like the result there is time for them to grow back.

Mascara. Wear only waterproof mascara. If the weather is humid apply extra powder to tone down the shine.

Photography. Make sure to discuss your makeup with your photographer to help him plan the lighting. Natural daylight for day weddings. Artificial light for night weddings.

Makeup Artists. If you are using a professional makeup artist make sure they know the type of photography you are having done. Before you hire a makeup artist prepare yourself by having them do a free makeup session in advance.

Makeup getting the best bridal face look tips.

The Bridal Glow.
Makeup best bridal tips for hair and veils.There is a special glow that makes every bride beautiful. If the cosmetic business could bottle it they would.

However, cosmetics do help most brides optimize their look for the wedding day.

Throughout your engagement maintain your beauty regime. Keep your face clean. Get or give yourself facials once a month. Drink lots of water. Get plenty of sleep.

Stress can make your skin look lifeless.

The style of makeup you choose should bring out the best in your face and enhance your personality.

Decide which look you want – glamorous, pretty or natural.

If you are planning to hire makeup and/or hair services remember to include those quotes in your wedding binder. So that you can compare prices.

Face types.
It is important that you become aware of the shape of your face and the color of your skin.

This will help you decide what works for you. If it doesn’t figure out how you might be able to adjust the various cosmetic elements so that you can get the effect you want.

There are six face shapes.
• Round. Full cheeks which are widest at the ears.

• Square. That has a strong square jaw line.

• Triangle or pear-shaped. That has a narrow forehead and a wide jaw line.

• Heart. That is widest at the temples and narrow at the chin.

• Long. That is narrow throughout from the forehead to the chin.

• Oval. From the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin, the face is the same width and perfectly symmetrical.

As well, everyone’s face fits into a different group of color tones:
Yellow an ivory complexions with much redness. Orange a mixture of red and yellow. And red a pinkish without much yellow. Each color group consists of pale, medium or dark tones.

Always choose a foundation shade that is in your own color group. Use a shade lighter or darker to achieve a special effect.

When you are choosing a foundation test the color by rubbing a small amount onto a section of clean skin along your jaw line.

Do not test on your wrist, neck or cheeks. They have a different skin texture from the rest of your face.

Test for a few minutes to make sure the color doesn’t change after the foundation has been applied.

A color corrector worn under a foundation can hide specific flaws in your complexion. It also provides a good base for the rest of your makeup and helps it stay fresh longer.

A green corrector will tone down redness. Blue will make a flushed complexion look paler. White and yellow will help cover up dark circles under your eyes. And purple will give a yellowish complexion a healthier glow.

Shaping and highlighting your face can bring out your best features and minimize your weaker ones.

Highlight your good points by making them more prominent. Shade your bad points with a darker tone to make features you don’t like recede into the background.

Creating a Golden glamor look in three easy steps.
Makeup best bridal tips for hiring a makeup artist.Face. Powder along cheeks, a dash on the nose, chin and hairline and blend well until a sun kissed glow is achieved.

Eyes. Apply a pearl colored shadow to lid and continue around in a “c” towards the upper cheekbone to highlight.

• Add bronze color to lash line and outer corner of the lid, up into the crease. Blend well.

• Highlight your eyes by using powder in the corner of the eye.

• Put powder underneath the bottom lashes.

• Finish by accenting with a black eyeliner along upper lashes and mascara

• Lips. Glaze lips with Star Shine Lip Glaze in Disco Star.

For more information visit goshcosmetics on facebook – SW.

Makeup best bridal look for your wedding takes time to plan.

Before & After makeup best bridal winning looks by makeup artist of the year.

A panel of 11 judges reviewed over 200 entries to select finalists in 23 categories for the 15th annual Canadian Hairdresser Magazine Mirror Awards held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. The top awards included Make-Up Artist of the Year Sabrina Ferri Salon Verve in Maple, ON. Shown above with before and after photos. – SW.

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