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Legs beauty care for brides feet and toes fitness

For the barefoot bride keeping your legs, feet & toes in shape.

Legs brides beauty care for feet and toes fitness. Toe polish by Revlon.

Toe polish by Revlon.

Beauty and fitness care for keeping legs, feet and toes in shape. Shaving tips for legs, comfort anti-slip pads, pedicures, polish and more.


Ten Tips For Smooth and Sexy Fitness Legs.

1. Shave at night if possible.
The skin is a little puffy in the morning as well as a bit more sensitive and prone to irritation. If you do need to shave in the morning, delay it until about 20 minutes after you awaken.

2. Soak it up.
It Is best to shave after a shower or after soaking your legs with warm water. It helps to soften the hair making it easier to shave.

3. Don’t forget to exfoliate.
Gently exfoliate your legs before shaving to remove the top layer of dead skin that otherwise would collect in your razor. It will help your razor blades stay sharp longer.

4. Apply shaving gel or cream.
While some people use soap to shave this can dry out the skin. Shaving gel or cream lifts the hair making shaving simpler. Leave it on for couple of minutes before shaving for greater benefit.

5. Slow down.
Relax and take time to enjoy the process. It is important to pamper yourself and will result in a stress-free shave.

Your legs, feet and toes take you shopping so take good care.

6. Use a sharp razor.
Using a dull blade to shave can increase skin irritation not to mention your own frustration.

7. Shave in direction of hair.
For legs that means long smooth movements work best for the most part. Take extra care and use shorter strokes around the knees, ankles and other bony areas.

8. Stretch skin.
Areas such as around the knees can be tricky to shave and prone to nicks. Gently pull the skin taut with one hand use the other to guide your razor carefully over the area.

9. Keep the razor clean.
Rinse the razor after each stroke under warm running water to keep it as clear of cut hair as possible. This will keep it in the best working condition.

10. Moisturize but not yet.
The skin is sensitive after shaving so wait half an hour before applying moisturizers.
– Fitness for legs courtesy Schick Canada

Legs beauty care for brides feet and toes to walk down the aisle.


The Perfect “Sole” Mate on Your Wedding Day!

When asked to review Tana’s Smiling Feet gel supports, I was the perfect candidate hands down.

Well, in this case “feet first”!

A history of chronic foot and knee problems has created many a disastrous fashion statement for this shoe diva. Just speak to my Editor, and I am certain she will vouch for me on this one!

Alas ladies cry no more. When it comes to these hidden treasures from Tana these pros bring a whole new meaning to the perfect fit.

Humm….Cinderella’s fairytale wedding may not have happened at all if her wicked step-sisters got their hands on these little beauties!

Whether to compliment that perfect wedding dress with the soft touch of a delicate dress sandal or the fashion shoe that you have been gazing at every time you open your closet, Smiling Feet has the answer in five wonderful styles. The Anti-Slip Pads and the Gel Heel Cushions are my personal favourites.

These unique gel pads are designed to bring out the princess in you by creating comfort, confidence and the ultimate sexy look!

There are six styles of gel based products that retail for $5.99 each. The Heel Cushions are great for pointy-toed stilettos, providing cushion support to the heel of the foot. And the Anti-Slip Pads are perfect for mules and slides preventing slipping under the forefoot are two for brides-to-be to look at.

To discover your perfect sole mate call 1-800-263-8262.

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