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Lady Gaga hair MTV Awards Katy Perry Justin Timberlake

August 31, 2013 8:50 pmViews: 318

Lady Gaga hair by the Redkin team who also helped Justin Timberlake’s dancers hair stay in place.

BROOKLYN NY, August 25, 2013.
Redken hair stylist Keri Bailes and her team created Lady Gaga hair styles for appearances at MTV Awards.

Balies led the hair team backstage at MTV Awards.

Lady Gaga hair by Redken team at MTV Awards.

Lady Gaga hair by Redken artist Keri Bailes.

Held at the Barclays Center the TV special showcased superstars and their backup singers and dancers.

The stars and their troupes needed personal attention when they were preparing to go on stage.

Especially their hair and makeup. As they are top priorities before going on stage during a major TV production.

Bailes shown right with Lady Gaga provided products to her team to get Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga hair ready prior to their performances.

“In regards to hair the true star of MTV VMAs was Control Addict 28,” said Bailes.

I used Redken’s highest hold hairspray on Justin Timberlake’s backup dancers.

I could not believe that their hair stayed in place throughout the entire 20 minute body-rocking dance performance.” – Keri Bailes, Redken Artist

Lady Gaga hair care at MTV Awards.

Lady Gaga didn’t win any awards, but the superstar didn’t let her fans down when she opened the Show.

Hair is Lady Gaga’s song off of her third studio album Born this Way. The song starts out with a slow piano melody. It is all about being yourself and being free. The title Hair is about hair which is one part of the body which is completely free. Check Lady Gaga Hair lyrics here.

Justin Timberlake took home several awards including Video of the Year for Mirrors. And he won the Best Direction award for Suit & Tie that featured Jay-Z as well.

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