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Kitchen trends in 2017 are a hot mix and match

January 7, 2017 1:55 pmViews: 104

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and love being creative, check out these kitchen trends.

Kitchen trends in 2017 are a hot mix and match from the '80s to the modern.

Kitchen trends in 2017 fun mix and match from the ’80s to modern features.
Photo by Tara McMullen.

Starting your life together as newlyweds is intimidating enough. And, if you have moved into your new home and want to renovate, there are plenty of people who can help you.

Renovating your kitchen can be an intimidating project. With so many decisions to make, designer, stylist and author  Tiffany Pratt shares her trend-forward insights after teaming up with The Home Depot Canada to overhaul her kitchen.

Here are some 2017 kitchen trends that will start you in the right direction.

Shake it up with Shaker. Shaker-style cabinets are a go-to cabinet style for many designers because they offer traditional lines that dance within most style genres. “Using Thomasville Nouveau cabinets in off-white meant that I could really do anything within my space. Like a blank canvas, this cabinet style updates the room while still maintaining existing styles,” explains Pratt.

Mute the color with 1980s palette. Adding color doesn’t always mean going bold and bright. Moving into the next few seasons, color trends are leaning toward shades that echo the muted, pale mid-tones of the 80s. Inspired by her deep love for pink, Pratt modernized and scaled up the shade by using it in a more grown-up and risky way in a dusty rose hue.

Look for kitchen trends that mix and match your product textures.

Inject hits of modern. Instead of breaking up your back-splash and counter-top into two different types of materials, why not use the same material for both? “In kitchen design I really appreciate crisp, clean lines while still injecting sparkle, texture and pattern,” says Pratt. Give the eye a break by sweeping the same material for both the counter top and back-splash in a Silestone or marbled quartz, and create a modern look with texture.

Mix your metals. Pratt recommends an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to selecting metals. “In the case of my kitchen, I chose to mix. My faucet is brushed gold, while my pulls and light fixture have hits of polished nickel. This route was natural because I went with all white appliances that opened me up to a world of possibilities.”

Finding your floor as centerpiece. Look for something with durability, interest and an ability to hide everyday dirt. Pratt chose a full polished marble floor because it was unexpected and graphic. “Like a work of art by Escher, my floor is truly the centerpiece of the space and adds a newness while still fitting into the old bones of my home.” Remember that flooring can be more than functional — it can also be the pattern and art in the room that really makes the space come to life.

Consider the white appliances. While most people swoon over stainless steel and the new black appliances, Pratt still loves white. A full spread of white appliances disappear into the space and don’t call too much attention in the room. Chic, clean and effortless, white appliances also echo an European design.

W&H | Kitchen trends in 2017 are a hot mix and match.


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