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Kaley Cuoco Wedding Cake Upside Down Chandelier

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How the baker made the Kaley Cuoco Wedding Cake with the Rhinestones.

Kaley Cuoco Wedding Cake was an Upside Down Chandelier with jewelry trim.

The Kaley Cuoco Wedding Cake shape was a Upside Down Chandelier with jewels.

What a fun idea that Kaley Cuoco wedding cake was that she put on her Instagram. 

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting wedding was on New Year’s Eve 2013 in Malibu, California. And several of their friends and family were guests at their fire-and-ice-theme celebration. But, no one was expecting a chandelier cake!

Following her wedding Kaley put some of their wedding photos on Instagram.  And one of them is their unique wedding cake.  It is an upside down chandelier shape cake with rhinestone decorations!

Kaley Cuoco Wedding Cake Rhinestone Chandelier show piece.

Kaley Cuoco Wedding Cake Upside Down Chandelier. Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting.

Ryan and Kaley’s wedding cake is in the background of their photo.

Their wedding cake had six-layers and it was hung upside down giving it the look of a crystal chandelier.  And it nearly doubles the size of a standard cake with so many layers.

Kaley’s comment on Instagram is TY to #thebutterend for creating our magical chandelier cake. Literally hanging above us. EPIC.

The post was with the wedding cake photo. And she was thanking The Butter End Cakery in Santa Monica, California.

The People Magazine reporter wrote that the original plan was to lower the chandelier almost to the ground. Then put the wedding cake upright on top of it.

The Butter End owner Kimberly Bailey told People the reporterBut I had this vision. What if the chandelier was high and the cake was underneath it?

The Big Bang Theory costar loved the idea!

Kaley Cuoco Wedding Cake Upside Down Jewel Chandelier.

Here’s how they made the Kaley Cuoco wedding cake.

The cake concept took a few trips to Home Depot. A custom rigging was built. And enough sandbags were bought to match the weight of the cake. Then the heavy rhinestones were put on the 27-inch bottom layer of the cake.

The sandbags were hung off the chandelier to see how much weight it could take.  And to make sure the cake was stable enough to be cut.

Kaley cut the second to bottom cake tier for her wedding guests to eat.

The two-flavor wedding cake was almond. And the frosting was almond cream cheese buttercream.

Kaley’s comments were that Lots of people are asking about our cake.  I’m happy to share another pic.  It was truly upside [email protected].

By the way, the bride wore a custom pink gown by Vera Wang.

The couple’s divorce was in 2015.

Photos Courtesy Kaley Cuoco Instagram.

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