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Jewelry Designer Edgy Pearl Line for Modern Bride

August 13, 2015 1:22 pmViews: 391

Jewelry designer edgy pearl romantic pieces under $100.

Jewelry Designer Edgy Pearl Line for Modern Bride.

Modern Piece pearl necklace by Jenny Bird x Indigo collection.

Canadian jewelry designer Jenny Bird 24 piece collection title is Modern Pearl. And it is comprised of 14 different styles.

The designer is known for creating items with a edgy touch. And her creations of new pearl pieces will work well when you need a touch of pearl.

If you are accessorizing your wedding dress with pearls, the collection incorporates pearls throughout. The good news is that no piece is over $100CAD.

The collection is modern and a choice for bridesmaid gifts. It offers of-the-moment earring crawlers, sleek structural collars, cuffs and mix metals. If you like her designs, it is a good opportunity to pick up edition pieces of Bird’s jewels at affordable prices.

Jewelry Designer Edgy Pearl Line pearl cuff by Jenny Bird.

Pearl cuff by Jenny Bird.

Bird says that when she is designing ‘she focuses on women who exude a modern, and a feminine style like actress Cate Blanchett‘. Then I ask myself, ‘What would Cate want to wear to Paris Fashion Week’?

Bird has a partnership with Indigo, the largest book and specialty retailer in Canada. Indigo has a stockist of her main line, and they saw an opportunity to approach Bird to create a diffusion line. So that it could offer a greater accessibility to her designs.

She was given the inspiration of a modern romantic line from Indigo. And it was perfect timing with pearls in the fashion jewelry. Bird blend her brand’s attitude with the sophistication of the pearl.

Jewelry Designer Edgy Pearl Line earrings from Modern Piece collection.

Jenny Bird pearl earrings from Modern Piece collection.

The resulting pieces have this beautiful tension of edge and grace. Bird says that she is happy for bird girls across Canada and everywhere to discover the pieces. And to make them their own. And she adds, that they can do this at such an accessible price point.”

The JENNY BIRD x Indigo collection is available on and in key locations.

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