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Honeymoon Planning Tips for Best Destinations

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Honeymoon planning tips include letting the destination know that you are on your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Planning Tips for Best Destinations.

Deadman’s Beach at Peter Island Resort, BVI.

Honeymoon planning tips and ideas for your special time together.

Plan in Advance.
Leave plenty of flexibility to plan air travel and book your desired destination. Popular honeymoon resorts tend to sell out quickly especially suites. Last minute bookings will leave less of a chance for the potentially luxurious honeymoon upgrade.

Purchase Travel Insurance.
A lot of time, money and emotions go into honeymoon planning. Do not leave anything to chance. Purchase travel insurance so you are safe from any travel mishaps. Like lost luggage or stolen belongings.

Insider’s Tip.
Knowing baggage fee information ahead of time is a must. In order to avoid unexpected expenses at the beginning and end of a trip. Look for baggage icons on websites which makes this information readily available at the time of searching and booking.

Splurge on Direct Flights or Business Class.
After an exhausting wedding celebration the last thing you want to do is miss a connecting flight. Or spend hours waiting at an airport for the next leg of your trip. For the ultimate flight experience splurge for first or business class seats.

Honeymoon Planning Tips for the Best Insider Information.

The cheapest days of the week to travel are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Notify the hotel or resort it is your honeymoon stay. Hotels generally want to contribute to making a honeymoon romantic and special. They may throw in a room upgrade or a bottle of champagne upon arrival.

Peak season does not mean peak prices. Hotels and resorts do not always sell out at peak times of year.

Price out the airfare first. Book the resort second. Generally, airfare is the most expensive component of the honeymoon. So before deciding on a resort research airfare to make sure it falls within your travel budget.

Airlines typically release new sales on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Leaving those as the best days to find less expensive seats.

Consider using a honeymoon registry.
Honeymoon registry websites allow couples to register their honeymoon. If you are developing your own wedding website add your honeymoon to your gift registry section. Discuss a honeymoon registry with your travel agent. Most hotels and cruise lines offer honeymoon registries.

Insider Honeymoon Planning travel tips courtesy team.

Honeymoon Planning Tips from travel insurance to packing.

1. Wait a full day or two before you take off for your honeymoon.
• Your wedding will be one of the most exhausting days of your life. The last thing you should be doing is waiting in lines at airports. Or dealing with the stress of getting to your destination. Take a day or two to unwind. You will be glad you did.

2. Do not use the bride’s new married name for the reservations.
It takes more than a few days to get your name changed. Your first snag will come when the airline staff checks to see if your photo ID matches the name on the airline reservation.
• If this is a second marriage for either the bride or groom. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents. For the bride, this includes proof of name change from her original maiden name to the one on the current picture ID.

3. Always ask for a queen or king size bed when making your reservation.
• Recheck this before you depart.

Honeymoon Planning Tips to discuss with your travel agent.

4. Always tell your travel agent that you are honeymooners.
• Bring proof. Many hotels now require proof that you are newly married before giving free upgrades and honeymoon amenities.

5. Do not skimp on accommodations.
• Think of your honeymoon as an investment in a lifetime of memories. You can always earn more money to make up for the difference. But you can never go back and relive those moments. No matter how much you spend.

Honeymoon Planning Tips for a Fixed Budget.

6. Be careful about taking honeymoon travel advice from friends and family.
• Just because your friend loved a resort or destination does not mean that you will agree. A big disappointment based on their advice will hurt your relationship.
• Remember your friends have different tastes. Different expectations. And completely different travel experiences for comparison.
• Listen to all unsolicited advice graciously. Then find an experienced travel professional. Ask to see the agents’ own pictures. Look at virtual tours and video clips.

7. If you are on a fixed budget.
• Postpone your honeymoon until you have the budget to do what you really want.
• Shorten the trip. It is better to stay at your dream destination for only four nights. Then a less desirable budget hotel for seven nights.
• Sign up for a honeymoon registry.
• Give guest friends and family the chance to contribute to your honeymoon fund.

Honeymoon planning tips to know if you are booking online.

8. Honeymoon Planning together if you can.
• Each of you should list three dream destinations. Three activities you want to do or try. And your ideal budget for the trip.
• Share these honeymoon planning tips with each other. Then go to an experienced travel agent who specializes in honeymoons.

9. Consider looking at all-inclusive resorts.
• They offer one price to cover the cost of your room, food, drinks, and tips. Many include activities as well.
• Do not book an all-inclusive if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing. Or renting a car. You will  be less inclined to get out and explore if you are missing the food, drink, and activities back at the hotel.

10. Choose a destination that neither of you has been to before.
• Do not visit a place you have already been to with someone else. Visiting a new destination together will be an important shared experience. It creates an atmosphere filled with excitement and newness.

Honeymoon planning tips courtesy Unforgettable Honeymoons.

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