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Honeymoon insurance tips to keep your home safe

March 31, 2017 4:36 pmViews: 114

Honeymoon insurance tips to help burglar proof your home while you are away.

Honeymoon insurance tips to help burglar proof your home

Honeymoon insurance tips to help you have peace of mind when away.

After months of planning, the wedding has come and gone and you are now married to the love of your life. Now you can relax and look forward to the honeymoon. But with all the excitement, do not forget about protecting your most valuable asset — your home or apartment.

While you are scuba diving in Hawaii or walking through ruins in Rome, your home is susceptible to burglary and vandalism. And there is nothing worse after a relaxing vacation than coming home to find your belongings have been stolen. To keep your peace of mind while away, practice some basic safety precautions to ensure your house and belongings are safe.

One of the best ways to burglar-proof your house is to create the illusion that someone is home. Set your lights, television and radio on a timer. If you are in a home, leave a car in the driveway. Ask a friend or neighbor to come by at least once a week.

These Honeymoon insurance tips are good to follow anytime.

Inside the house, make sure to lock up your valuables. This includes jewelry, electronics, deeds and any other important or sensitive documents — in a fire-proof safe. Before you go, set your alarm and notify the security company that you will be away.

While you enjoy your dream honeymoon, you can rest assured that the personal property you take with you is covered by your home insurance. Keep in mind there are some exceptions, so if you are unsure, make sure to check your policy or talk with your insurance provider.

Most importantly, make sure you have the proper coverage. Companies like belairdirect can help you determine exactly what you need and can provide a quote in minutes.

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