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Home beauty services bridal makeup hair spa tips

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Home beauty services 10 questions to ask before you book.

Home beauty services bridal makeup hair spa tips.

Home beauty services on your wedding day.

Ask the potential home beauty services provider BEFORE you commit to a first trial run if there is an initial fee? And if so how much is it?

Before you call any home beauty services do your research and visit their websites.

Questions to ask for home beauty services.

1. Is the hairstylist licensed? 
They need to be prepared for everything that can happen with the client and her wedding party.

2. Do they have experience in other mediums other than the home bridal industry. Such as photography, film, stage, fashion? Photography is beneficial since you will spend your day getting photographed.

Film also since a camera sees you differently than the human eye.

Stage is beneficial for teaching how to use and apply makeup so it lasts.

Fashion since the pictures we look at and get inspired from are fashion, film and television.

Makeup artists that do those inspirational looks usually do not work in salons. The film, stage and fashion industries also teach an artist that being late gets you fired.

3. Are the pictures on their website or in their portfolio their work? 
Some makeup artists and salons use pictures that others produce which is not a true image of their work.

4. What percentage of their trial runs book with them? 
If an makeup artist cannot say that 95% of the trial run clients book them for their wedding then the client should not be paying them for a trial run.

A makeup artist should qualify as a good match before the client wastes their time and money.

Home beauty services and bridal tips.

5. Does the makeup artist or hairstylist book more than one wedding on a day? 
How will a makeup artist or hairstylist guarantee they can be flexible to your time changes if they are committed to another bride? Will they be rushing from your wedding to get to the next?

6. Are hair extensions beneficial?

7. Do you need hair color or a cut to get the look you want?

8. Do they have referrals?

9. Are their rates competitive?

10. Is there a contract you can look over before signing?

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