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Holiday gifts traditional ideas for Newlyweds

December 6, 2016 3:09 pmViews: 193

Starting your own traditional Holiday gifts.

Holiday gifts traditional ideas for wedding gift registries.

Newlyweds starting their life together.

By Melissa Wallace
Planning a wedding tested your relationship with your spouse in ways you never imagined.

With conflicting opinions on every decision from the invitations to the theme. One of the joys of the wedding day was putting all that stress behind you.

Well brace yourself because you are both about to embark on another challenge. Getting through the holidays.

Holiday gifts traditional ideas for Newlyweds.

Keep grounded with these tips.

Take time for two.

You may have spent time with each other’s families when you were dating. But now that you are married your presence at certain events is no longer questioned but rather expected.

Attending your spouse’s Christmas party is not optional. Same with your second cousin’s potluck.

To keep your sanity be sure to schedule quality time with your spouse.

The holidays are about love, peace and joy. So celebrate your new life together.

Start your own traditional Holiday gifts.

Wake up on Christmas morning and eat candy canes for breakfast. Pick out your first ornament together and hang it on the tree.

Attend a different church or religious service every year.

Knit a holiday sweater for each other to wear on Christmas Day.

You and your spouse are a family now. So start your own traditions. Repeat them every year no matter how cute or quirky.

Keep your perspective.

Getting wrapped up in holiday shopping is not the right way to celebrate the joy of the season.

Instead practice humility.

Consider holiday gifts by serving the homeless at a soup kitchen together. Singing carols at a seniors center. Picking alternative gifts that matter through a charity of your choice.

Visit the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada online gift catalogue. Bring joy to a child living in poverty. These holiday gifts purchase items like a clean water well, mosquito net, fruit tree or goat.

You can make a difference with your holiday gifts.

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