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Holiday flowers winter wedding decor ideas

December 6, 2016 7:54 pmViews: 262

Christmas Is More Than Just Poinsettias, Holiday flowers are beautiful décor ideas too.

Holiday flowers winter wedding decor ideas in white or colors.

Holiday flowers white or color are perfect for winter wedding décor.

With cooler weather and longer nights, we are reminded that the holiday season is upon us.

Everyone is looking forward to that white and frosty Christmas Eve. If you are planning a holiday or winter wedding theme, the season will give you a good opportunity to look for white and colorful flower décor ideas.

And no, it is not all about the red poinsettias. There is so much more to Christmas decorating than pine trees, wreaths and garland.

Here is a list of favorite winter flowers and plants:

Potted Christmas Cactus.
Looking more like a flowering plant than a cactus, the Christmas or Zygo Cactus comes in several different colors. Including red and white for the holiday season. The Christmas Cactus has tubular flowers in addition to petals on its extended stems.

Potted Frosty Ferns.
These charming ferns are becoming very popular around the holiday season. In addition to giving the appearance of miniature Christmas trees with frosty tips. They also enjoy low light and well watered soil.

Holiday flowers range from potted Christmas cactus to cut Amaryllis.

Potted or cut Amaryllis.
These flowers are the perfect centerpiece for your next festive holiday feast. Growing to 12-20 inches high, Amaryllis is grown from a bulb and produces several trumpet-shaped flowers. With bright, colorful petals, typically red in color. Therefore, it is a great substitute for the Poinsettia. You can usually find this plant in stores in November and December.

Potted Cyclamen.
This often overlooked holiday plant will boom throughout the winter months. And most noteworthy, it is available in snowy white or bright jewel-like tones.

Potted Helleborus.
Also known as the Christmas Rose, the glossy foliage and sweet, rose-like flowers make this plant a wonderful hostess gift. It can be planted outdoors in the spring after the risk of frost has gone.

Cut Anthurium.
These heart-shaped flowers emerge from a colorful spike. And they are sold by individual stems. Because of their size, they are great for elaborate centerpieces.

Potted Chrysanthemum.
You may have seen this popular plant at your local grocery store. It is a holiday favorite as it comes in several different colors. And they also are easily maintained. Lucky for you, they last an extremely long time.

Here is a simple idea for a small Holiday plant for your wedding guests. It isn’t the norm, and most people have the perfect place at home to put it. And your wedding celebration continues.

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