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Holiday Drinks White Chocolate Eggnog and Martini

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Easy Holiday Drinks White Chocolate and edible Sparkle.

Holiday Drinks White Chocolate Eggnog.

  Natural Vanilla Eggnog Holiday drinks white chocolate garnished with edibles.

Recipes for Holiday drinks that are simple to make and good ideas if you are planning a winter wedding.


Holiday Drinks White Chocolate Martini or your winter wedding.

White Chocolate Martini.

2 oz    White chocolate liqueur. Or white creme de cacao.
1 oz     Vanilla flavored vodka. Premium or regular vodka.
8         Ice cubes. Or crushed ice.
1.5 oz  Half and Half cream.
1         Chocolate bar. Normal or dark.

Bar shaker. Strainer.
Chilled martini glass.

1. Pour the liqueur vodka and cream in the shaker.
2. Add 8 cubes of ice.
3. Shake it hard! 20 times at least.
4. Strain the cocktail into the chilled martini glass over crushed ice.
5. Shave a piece of the chocolate bar over the drink to add flavor and color.


Holiday Drinks White Chocolate Eggnog are good ideas for winter weddings.

Edible garnishes pictured above.

Yield 32oz. pitcher approximately 6 servings.

1. 9 oz. natural vanilla liqueur.
2. 6 Grade A or AA eggs.
3. 9 oz. whole milk.
4. 6 teaspoons superfine sugar.
5. Garnish ground nutmeg. Edible gold. Or edible silver petals.
6 Optional garnish Cinnamon-Nutmeg whipped cream. Topped with gold leaf.

1. Separate the egg yolk and white into 2 bowls. Beat the white with 3 tsp. sugar until peaks form. Beat yolk with remaining 3 tsp. sugar until stiff. Gently fold egg white into egg yolk.
2. Add milk mix gently.
3. Add natural vanilla liqueur mix gently.
4, Pour mixture into an ice-filled cocktail glass. Add the garnish.
Optional garnish Cinnamon-Nutmeg whipped cream topped with gold leaf.

1. Beat 2 oz. whipping cream with pinch ground nutmeg.
2. Pinch ground cinnamon until stiff. Add to top of drink.
3. Sprinkle with gold leaf.

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