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Holiday decoration ideas for a designer look

November 23, 2016 7:46 pmViews: 82

Holiday decoration ideas that easily can be used for a winter wedding or your new home.

Holiday decoration ideas and trends for your wedding or new home.

DIY Holiday decoration ideas and trends give a designer look.

Holiday decorating should be more than something to scratch off your to-do list. Inspire your creativity before you deck your halls with these tips for a stylish home this season.

Embrace nature. Just because you want a more polished aesthetic does not mean the kids can not be involved. Recruit them to help you gather acorns, pine branches, or twigs to create a rustic DIY vibe. This is something that even the littlest ones can easily help achieve.

Place earthy touches in mason jars, hurricane vases, or lanterns for effortless style. For extra oomph, tie twigs with festive ribbon or add a cloves for subtle holiday fragrance.

Colour theory. Make an elegant statement by sticking to a reduced palette of colours that won’t overwhelm. Combining with neutrals to suit your style. Try mixing a deep, rich red with industrial metals. Or cool winter blues with cozy cream fabrics.

Marvelous mixes. Perfect matching is a recipe for a dated look. So be sure to complement hard with soft, vintage with modern, and classic with contemporary. For example, set cutesy old fashioned ornaments in unconventional spots, like on top of a stack of books on a shelf. Wrap scraps of traditional seasonal fabrics like plaids around block candles. Or draw or screen print holiday designs on wood slices.

Holiday decoration ideas that are DIY designer trends.

At the window. You’ll want to let in lots of natural light during the precious few hours you can at this time of year. So opt for a window treatment that emphasizes brightness, like Hunter Douglas‘ Luminette Privacy Sheers. Transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it with stylish sheer fabrics, spreading it evenly throughout your room so you can maximize daylight hours. And reduces your need for artificial light.

On the table. For a Pinterest-worthy table setting, keep lines clean and simple and subtly incorporate your seasonal décor and colour scheme throughout. Use existing fabrics to create custom-made napkin holders or placemats. For a gorgeous centrepiece. Mix one-part silver and three-parts white glitter to give pine cones or glass ornaments a sparkly frost-kissed look. Show them off in in a vase, cake stand, or favourite dish at the centre of the table. As pictured above. (NC).

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