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Haute Mask wedding wear for brides and grooms.

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Winnie Couture unveils Haute Mask Protective Wedding Wear Collection, and donates 100% Proceeds to Direct Relief for Heath Care Workers Responding to COVID-19.

The Grandiose Haute Mask $389USD for Brides, and the Noir Luxe Mask @ $259USD for Grooms.

The Grandiose Haute Mask $389USD for Brides, and the Noir Luxe Mask $259USD for grooms that are embellished with glittering crystals.

Winnie Chlomin Lee, co-founder and Creative Director of Winnie Couture was noticing that many couples awaiting their special day for months, only to have it ruined by the current unfortunate crisis.

“Engaged couples all over the globe have been sacrificing their dream look with only the standard masks available to protect themselves. My team and I felt the need to create the ideal protective wedding mask for brides and grooms, so they can feel safe while looking their absolute best on their special day.”

100% of all proceeds from the Haute Mask collection will be donated to Direct Relief, a non-profit organization that is currently working to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to U.S. and international health workers responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Grandiose Haute Mask by Winnie Couture embellished with glittering crystals $389USD.

The Grandiose Haute Mask for Brides by Winnie Couture with glittering crystals $389USD.

The Haute Mask collection featuring four unique styles, two styles for Brides, and two or Grooms. The masks are glamorously designed and handcrafted with couture fabrics and glittering crystals and plumes of lace. These masks offer safety and each mask is made with detailed precision, lined with 100% organic cotton, an adjustable nose bridge, elastic ear loops, and a filter pocket for safe and breathable wear.

The Winnie Couture brand is a global leader in bridal and couture fashion. As well as the Haute Mask collection, Winnie Couture is also working to help protect those on the front lines. “Our most selfless medical heroes are keeping us safe with limited access to protective face masks. In order to contribute to the alleviation of the situation, my team and I have been making hand-sewn cloth masks to donate to hospitals and senior homes in our communities,” said Winnie. Over 1200 N95-type cloth masks, that are reusable, washable and hand-sewn with filter pockets, have already been donated, with plans for 5000 more within the next few weeks.

If you are planning to make your own bridal or groom masks during COVID-19 you may get ideas from this Haute Mask collection.

Haute Masks to wear at your wedding during the COVID-19 or ideas to make your own.

Haute Masks to wear at your wedding, the L’Amour embellished with plumes of lace at $239USD for Brides, and the Noir Homme at $129USD for Grooms.

Winnie Couture is regarded as a global leader in the bridal and couture fashion industry. Headquartered in Beverly Hills in 2001, the Winnie Couture brand has expanded across North America, recently opening its 7th & 8th flagships in Boston and San Francisco, with plans to open in Nashville by Summer 2020.
 For more information on Winnie Couture’s commitment to safety & style visit

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