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Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem

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A Halloween wedding for couple who met on the holiday.
Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem. October 31 2001. Raquel and Lance Halloween theme wedding.

Racquel and Lance’s real Halloween wedding theme.

Getting married in Salem … Halloween Wedding.

Halloween 2001, SALEM, MA.
Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem. October 31 2001. W&H cover Raquel and Lance Halloween theme wedding.Racquel and Lance Zimmerman’s Halloween Ball theme wedding in Salem, Massachusetts. The city is well known for Haunted Happenings. And their wedding was on the cover of Weddings & Honeymoons 2001, shown left.

For a couple who met on Halloween there was no other theme or place they wanted for their wedding.

Originally from Maine, the Florida based couple met when they were in high school. They dated before he went to College and she got a job in Florida. Over the years, they dated others but they never stopped thinking about each other. Lance sent Racquel a birthday card at her mother’s home. And the romance started again. At the time of their wedding Lance was a computer programmer for Nabisco & General Mills. Racquel was a yacht stewardess, makeup artist and event planner.

Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom met on Halloween.

Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem. October 31 2001 Salem MA. Raquel and Lance Halloween theme wedding menu.

Halloween Wedding menu.

To start planning their Halloween wedding theme they went to craft and art supply stores. And they searched for materials to make their own favors and decorations.

They designed their own invitations and menu. Their gift bags of candy were tied with orange and black ribbon. And pumpkin shaped candles in ghost and bat candle holders. A spider web ice sculpture was dry ice lit with a back light. The floral centerpieces were three feet high and covered with cobwebs, lights, black ravens, spiders and everything else they could think of that went with their theme.

Halloween Wedding Outfits.

Lance wore a black tuxedo that had a longer jacket. Black velvet vest. And an ascot to match the vampire theme.

Racquel was going to wear black as the Halloween bride. But, when she was trying on a black dress, and before the chiffon hit the floor, she knew she was a traditional bride. So she chose a Cinderella style ball gown. The gown is full on the bottom with a tight waist and spaghetti straps. Her accessorizes were long white gloves and a tiara in her hair.
Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem.The groomsmen were all made up like vampires in black and red. Their tuxedos were the same as the groom except their vests were red. And they wore long black wool capes with red linings. So to keep in character, they had long black fingernails, fake fangs and wore makeup.

The bridesmaids wore pretty witches dresses that were made from a pattern. The material was black gauze with a spider web pattern over taffeta. And matching shawls with an eight-inch fringe. 

Their tall black witch hat decorations were a black sequin bow with a black bat on it. Small jewel spiders were dangling from their earrings and necklaces. Their witches’ brooms were sprayed orange and black spray. And the bridesmaids bouquets were dusty roses and ribbons.

Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem. October 31 2001 Salem MA. Raquel and Lance Halloween theme wedding.

Racquel and Lance cutting their Halloween wedding cake.

The Halloween Wedding Ceremony.

All their wedding guests were in costumes. During the seating the score to a vampire movie was playing. The bride and groom came into the room as The Crow Love Song for a Vampire by Annie Lenox was playing. A Justice of the Peace performed the ceremony. And Racquel and Lance chose different sayings for their ceremony. Her request was an Irish blessing as part of the vows.

Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem. Sarah McLachlan song Possession.

Sara McLachlan.

A bonus for Racquel and Lance was that the Hawthorne Hotel had full Halloween decor everywhere. Spook-tacular was the name of their reception menu. And their First Dance was to Possession by Sarah McLachlan.

Racquel and Lance spent their honeymoon in Bermuda.

Halloween Wedding Ball in Salem creates a fun place to celebrate!

Ideas the couple would like to share.
• A costume contest by the guests. And give out the centerpieces as prizes.
• Red skull goblets for the bridesmaids. And purple for the groomsmen to drink their toasts out of.
• Matchbooks with a bat over the moon logo. And matching orange and black napkins.

Salem, MA License information.
City Clerk’s Office at toll-free (877) SALEM MA. (978) 745-9595 ext. 253 or visit

Photography is courtesy R. K. Forte, Arlington Heights, MA 02476. Tel: 781.643.4377 email: [email protected].

Nightmare Halloween Wedding.

SpookyWorld / Nightmare LITCHFIELD, New Hampshire USA.
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W&H | Halloween Wedding Bride and Groom wed in Salem.


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