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Hair Styles Top Knot Victoria Beckham French Bun

Hair styles on the runway and how to create them.

Hair Styles Top Knot Victoria Beckham French Bun.

Top Knot hair styles on the models created by hair stylist Philip Pelusi for Kati Stern Venexiana collection at Fashion Week NYC.

Creating bridal hair styles seen on the runway. 

Hair styles from the fashion runways.

Victoria Beckham was one of the celebrities at designer Kati Stern for Venexiana collection shown above. Beckham has been seen wearing a top knot or chignon. It is one of the fastest growing hair trends for bridal who want a clean sweep look. NYC stylist Philip Pelusi along with creative director Jeffrey Reitz created a variety of top knot looks seen during a Fall/Winter Fashion Week.

For Venexiana’s show the hair on the runway was created by the Philip Pelusi design team. He called the knot Empire Chignon. A twist on the classic chignon.

Tips. New York celebrity hairstylist Philip Pelusi owner of Tela Design Studio used his Tela Beauty Organics products.

Victoria Beckham hair styles include Top Knot worn during Fashion Week.

Hair Styles Top Knot Victoria Beckhman French Bun. Victoria Beckhman hair styles include Top Knot.The Top Knot look that Victoria Beckham is wearing is perfect for brides. When brides wear the top knot, celebrity stylist Philip Pelusi says, they should select a veil that pins in under the back of the knot. The Top Knot is a really high fashion look that really makes a statement so he recommend not covering it with a veil.

If a gown is more formal and classic then wear the top knot smooth, sleek and neat. The hair texture is smooth and neatly tucked into the knot pinning in all loose ends. Use a hair grooming and glossing product to smooth hair down and create shine.

If a gown is more casual or romantic then wear the top knot slightly sexy, messy and textured. Air-dry or scrunch the hair first to create a wavy texture. Then pull the hair up into the knot without smoothing the texture. Do not use a brush. Use fingers to control hair and finger style into the knot. Use a texture soft product to help control and groom the hair. Pin in the ends but leave a few ends out as the look is supposed to be not so perfect.

Hair styles and trends from runway shows create ideas for bridal hair styes.

Bold French Twist hair styles in Badgley Mischka S/S 2012 collection.
Hair Styles Top Knot Victoria Beckhman French Bun. French twist one of hair styles by Peter Gray for Badgley Mischka.During New York Fashion Week stylist Peter Gray inspired by futurist sculptor Umberto Boccioni created voluminous multi-textured glamorous updos. The hair featured cascades of luminous curls flowing in a graceful triangular shape.  Resting on a smooth, sculptural foundation of a bold French Twist shown left.

How the Hair Styles are Created Step-by-Step.

The back. A Bold French Twist.
1. Frizz control and styling cream was applied to dampened hair to build in smoothness and soft hold.

2. A long vertical section was made from the top of the ear to the crown. To bump up volume and lift the foundation of the look hairspray was sprayed at the root. Each section was blow-dried with a round hair brush.

3. The hair was then back-combed and turned it into a huge French Twist. It was kept in place with bobby pins criss-crossed in from nape to crown.

The front and crown Triangular Flowing Curls that are used in several hair styles.

1. To prepare the rest of the hair a classic roller set was created using a 3/4” iron meticulously pinning each curl section by section. Hairspray was sprayed on individual sections and over the head. This allowed the curls to set.

2. After releasing the set the hair was combed on the ends gently with a wide tooth comb to preserve the curls. The hair was then loosely brushed from root to mid-head for a smoother texture.

3. Finally the most important part shaping texture. Each section was back-combed starting at the crown and working forward. This created a large mass of hair. All the hair was shaped, twisted, folded and sculpted into a flowing triangular shape. These shapes were then brought up to the crown area and secured to the top of the smoothed French Twist. The whole look was sprayed once more with hairspray for a hold that looked soft, flowing and natural.
Moroccanoil products used. Hydrating Styling Cream, Luminous Hairspray, Frizz Control, Round Brush condition, Round Brush, XLPRO Paddle Brush.

The Looped Ponytail hair styles on the runway are easy to create.

Hair Styles Top Knot Victoria Beckhman French Bun. Top Knot hair styles at Carolina Herrera collection.Leading runway stylist Orlando Pita for Orlo Salon created a gracefully looped ponytail to complement the elegant look of the Carolina Herrera designs. The hair was shaped into a triangular form. And balanced with a wide wrap of hair at the nape of the neck. The hair was parted in the middle with soft loose strands falling naturally around the ear.
1. An oil was used on the hair before starting to style. Especially on those who had damaged or fragile hair.

2. Styling cream was applied on dampened hair for a smooth soft hold. Then blow-dried straight.

3. The hair was parted the hair in the middle and pulled into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. The ponytail was teased to make it look fuller especially on the models who had fine hair.

4. The teased length of the ponytail was looped onto an elastic in a circulate fold. Shaped into a triangle. And a section of hair wrapped around the elastic to finish. Everything was secured with hairpins. The entire style was then sprayed with hairspray.

5. The style was finished off with a light mist of frizz control. This made the hair stay smooth and frizz-free on the runway.
Moroccanoil products were used.

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