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Hair Salons Directory including Spas

February 14, 2013 4:13 pmViews: 557

Bridal packages available in NYC and Chicago hair salons, and some with spas.

Hair Salons Directory including brides by Benedetti in New York.

Hair Salons in NYC, Brides by Benedetti.

Hair Salons in Chicago & NYC listings.

Hair Salons Directory including Spas.

Sine Qua Non Salon in Chicago.

Chicago Hair Salons.
Award-winning Sine Qua Non Salons draw its inspiration from the fashion international runways. And the Chicago local street styles that provide on-trend hair ideas. The hair salon bridal services include are available in their four locations. The services are for your skin, brows, makeup, waxing, and facial.

The salon has been in business over over 20 years. And owner Laura Boton says the reason is the personal service and innovative styles the salon provides every day.

Boton herself has been a hair designer for over 25 years. She specializes in advance razor hair cutting. And is always seeking out education for herself and her staff. Visit

Hair Salons in NYC listings.

New York City.

• A Bridal Hair & Makeup Salon by Marina Vance NYC. Visit MarinaVance

• Borja Color Studio. Visit

• Courtney Benedetti. Visit

• Cutler. Visit

• Devachan Salon. Visit

• Eliút Salon. Visit

• Eva Scrivo. Visit

• Fabio Scalia. Visit

• Frédéric Fekkai. Visit

• Garren New York. Visit

• Hair Rules. Visit

• Hiro Haraguchi Salon. Visit

• Jennifer Brent. Visit

• John Barrett Salon. Visit

• Julien Farel. Visit

• Kenneth Salon. Visit

• Khamit Kinks. Visit

• Marie Robinson Salon. Visit

• Once Upon a Bride. Visit

• Oscar Blandi Salon. Visit

• Paul Podlucky. Visit

• Patrick Melville Pipino Salon. Visit

• Riccardo Maggiore Salon. Visit

• Ringo’s Salon. Call 212-228-8812.

• Roy Teeluck Salon. Visit

• Sally Hershberger. Visit

• Salon AKS. Visit

• Stephen Knoll. Visit

• Ted Gibson Salon. Visit

• Tina Pearson Salon. Visit

• Valery Joseph Salon. Visit

• Warren-Tricomi Salon. Visit

• Beauty booking service. Visit

W&H | Hair Salons Directory including Spas.


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