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Grooms Shopping Engagement Rings for Perfect Style

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Tips for Grooms Shopping Engagement Rings.

Grooms Shopping Engagement Rings for Perfect Style.

The Bachelor’s Sean and Catherine rose gold wedding rings.
Photo Courtesy Neil Lane. Inset: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC.

If you are insuring an engagement ring, have the ring appraisal done by a reputable company. Always remember the four Cs – carat, cut, clarity and color.

Tips for Grooms Shopping Engagement Rings.

Grooms Shopping Engagement diamond ring by Neil Lane.

Vintage engagement ring by Neil Lane.

Grooms that are shopping engagement rings should know that you do not have to have a ring to become engaged. But if you do, there are still two ways to do it. Either with or without your fiancée knowing.

If you are going to surprise her with an engagement ring you have to be a good listener. When you are both out window shopping listen to her when she voices what she likes or dislikes. 

Grooms shopping engagement rings can find them in department and jewelry stores. At designer studios, in pawn shops or online.

You may have a stone or setting that has been passed down through   generations. You can have it reset or present the vintage piece as is.

Or you may have an antique or heirloom that you want re-sized. Or put into a new setting. The design may range from simple to decorative. Remember to listen to what your intended likes.

There is nothing worse than starting off an engagement with the wrong ring. You may hear about it for 50 years or more!

Tips for Grooms Shopping Engagement Rings to make it easier for you.

Rings are made of yellow, white or rose gold, platinum or silver. Traditionally, the diamond is the first choice for an engagement ring. Semi-precious stones are a second choice. They are not as expensive. A  semi-precious stone can be larger than a diamond at the same price. Some brides may choose birthstones for their engagement rings.

If both of you are shopping for the engagement ring look at the matching wedding bands at the same time. If you decide on a double-ring ceremony the bands should match. Do not forget to put an inscription on the inside circle of the rings. This could include your initials and date of your wedding.

When you are shopping, make sure the condition of the ring matches the price. When you have chosen the ring you want ask to see the certificate of authenticity and a written appraisal.

If you are insuring a ring have the appraisal done by a reputable company that will take pictures of the ring. Be sure to cover the four Cs. Carat, cut, clarity and color. As well as list the history of the stone if there is one.

Grooms shopping engagement rings 4Cs tip carat, clarity, cut and color.

Platinum pear shape yellow diamond ring by Jacques Mouw.

More tips for Grooms Shopping Engagement Diamonds.

Many grooms shopping engagement diamond rings for the first-time are often nervous about making such an important purchase. You will want to ensure that you are getting a good value.

Most people love diamonds for their beauty. As they do not realize that they hold their value better than other gemstones.

It is not always the most expensive diamonds that hold their value the best. If your concern is the value of the ring, the following tips might come in handy.

1. It may not be as wallet-friendly, but diamonds larger than one carat in size will hold their value best.

2. Diamonds that have the quality “F” in color. And “VS1” and “VS2” in clarity, have been holding their values best over time. Even though they are not the most expensive grades.

3. Cut is the most important of all the Cs. And look for a proportion and shape that maximize the sparkle of the diamond for best value retention. That information is shown as certs on major lab reports.

4. Round brilliant-cut diamonds will hold their value better than other shapes.

5. Because diamonds are the hardest of all stones, they will be less likely to be damaged which helps retain their value.

6. For the best value put the most money into the diamond itself and choose a simple setting.

Grooms shopping engagement rings is only half the process.

If you are purchasing a diamond over ½ carat in size you should choose one that is certified by a major lab. Get an independent ring appraisal by a third-party appraiser. And talk to your insurance agent about the best way to insure the ring.

Shoppers should only purchase a larger diamond if it has proper reports. An appraisal will tell you the true value of a piece of jewelry. A lab grading report will not. And the appraisal will provide documentation for insurance purposes.

Reputable jewelers will allow you to appraise a ring either before you purchase it. Or they will allow you an appraisal period with a full refund if it does not meet expectations. Whichever you choose get it in writing on your purchase receipt.

Choose an appraiser who is an accredited member of a national appraisal organization.

Ask about the appraiser’s credentials. Make sure they are still active.

The appraisal should be done for an hourly or a set fee. Not for a percentage of the value of the property. That is unethical.

Make sure you understand the return policy. Get the return policy in writing. And with a thorough description of the item, diamond size and quality written on your receipt.

Grooms shopping engagement rings in the U.S., or to find gems and jewelry appraisers visit In Canada visit

Photo. The Platinum pear shape yellow diamond ring by Jacques Mouw.

Photo. The Neil Lane vintage Hollywood style engagement ring. The ring is a brilliant round center diamond in a frame of additional round diamonds. Visit Kay Jewelers.

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