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Grooms grooming hair skincare teeth fitness tips

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Grooms grooming tips throughout your engagement.

Grooms grooming tips to get ready for your wedding.

Grooms grooming experience at the Champneys Spa Resorts in England.

Be the best looking guy at your wedding!

Don’t wait until the last minute to try to fix something that takes time to change. Grooms grooming for your wedding takes time just like your brides grooming. Like your face, teeth, feet, weight, and your hair.

Wedding planning is stressful. 

• The grooms grooming regime starts with keeping your face clean.

• Get or give yourself facials. Use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen all year. This helps to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. Drink lots of water. Get plenty of sleep. Concentrate on your overall wellness.

• If you are starting to go grey and want to get rid of it begin when you first notice it. You can buy products that can be used at home. Or let your hair stylist know what you want to do.

• There are brush-in color gels for beards and mustaches. A short haircut is good if you are balding.

• Clip and file your fingernails and toenails. If you have foot odor scrub your feet daily and dry them completely.

• There are insoles you can place in your shoes that will absorb wetness and odor.

Check all prices shown with the selected products on their website.

The Grooms Grooming Tips.

For that close shave.
Forget the barber of Seville, electric razors and shaving gel loaded with irritants. Proraso shaves with a precision that has earned the trust of generations of Italian barbers for over a century. Founded in Florence in 1948, the products range from pre-shaving cream, soaps and foams, to brushes and aftershave.

Grooms grooming hair skincare teeth fitness tips.

Proraso shaving products.

Proraso offers three product lines tailored to different skin types. The classic Proraso Green line with eucalyptus oil and menthol, cooling, toning and balancing the skin. Proraso White with Green Tea for sensitive skin, with extracts of oat and thyme. And Proraso Red line with Sandalwood for tough beards.

Grooms hair skincare teeth fitness tips trends ideas. Redken for Mens’ shampoo, conditioner and Chill Blast pictured left. Grooms grooming daily fortifying anti-dandruff tonic provides a cooling sensation. It helps respect the scalp’s natural balance when using the product.

It specifically features peppermint for scalp tingle and an energizing crisp scent. The hair is relieved and refreshed. Dandruff and itchiness are addressed with a leave-in tonic suitable for daily usage.
• Mint Clean Shampoo $13.79 (300 ml). Cool Finish Conditioner $14.99 (300 ml). Chill Blast $14.99 (150 ml).

Italian fragrance.
Kiton Black fragrance for men created by Ciro Paone of the Italian luxury goods company in Naples, Italy.

The top notes of Italian bergamot, lemon, and red berries are combined with a touch of violet leaves. It creates a stylish statement as handsome and timeless.

The base notes of vetiver, amber, leather, Tonka bean and sensual skin accord are blended to complete the artisan’s fragrance. Kiton Black is available in eau de toilette in 2.5 oz/75 ml $80. 4.2 oz/125 ml $108. After shave 4.2 oz/125 ml $80.

Sensitive Balm.
Sensitive After Shave Balm from Nivea. It alleviates skin dryness after shaving and helps prevent shaving damage. The balm regenerates skin and supports its natural protection. It is alcohol-free. 100 mL SRP $8.59.

PocketMist fits in the palm of your hand to make it is easy to carry. It is perfect for kissing or taking pictures. A push of the non-aerosol trigger releases a mist that cascades over the entire surface of the mouth. Providing a clean mouth feeling within seconds.

The tiny misting format is clinically proven to kill bacteria. It is sugar-free. Good gift for your wedding party to have in their pockets. Comes in Cinnamon, Cool Mint, Fresh Burst and Cool Citrus flavors. 7.7mL pump SRP: $3.99.

Dr. Scholl’s.
Massaging Gel Insoles cushion the sensitive ball of your foot while dense heel waves absorb impact and shock. For casual, dress shoes and sneakers. Sizes 8-13.Trim to fit. SRP $16.99.

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