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Grooms Best Man wedding duties and responsibilities

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Major duty for the Grooms Best Man is getting him to the Ceremony on time!

Grooms Best Man wedding duties and responsibilities.

The Grooms Best Man helping the groom to get ready for his wedding in Mexico.
Photo by Tomas Ramos.

Wedding duties for the Grooms Best Man are before and after the event. And they range from hosting a bachelor party. Keeping the groom on schedule. To returning the rented items after the wedding.

From the engagement to the honeymoon your Best Man is there for you.

The Best Man is usually a brother or your best friend.

He might be married or single. Done this many times before. Or perhaps be new at these responsibilities.

Either way, the Groom Best Man is your gatekeeper of the times and schedules. And it is his job to make sure that the important events go well. This includes the engagement party, bachelor party, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and the reception.

Depending on your honeymoon plans the Best Man will add this to his list as well.

The duties range from keeping track of the gifts. So update him as to where you have gift, travel or wine registries. He will help you select your groomsmen. And your wedding guest list.

Your Best Man will assist you with your ‘to do’ list.

Grooms Best Man wedding duties before and after the wedding.

About one month before the wedding the Grooms Best Man will do the following:
• Arrange final fittings and pick-up dates for tuxedos and shoes. This is for the two of you and the groomsmen. Follow up on invitations to the bachelor party.

• Be available to assist in writing your vows. Gift shop with you for bride-to-be, parents and groomsmen.

• Purchase and wrap gifts for you and your bride.

• To prepare for the wedding day activities.

• The Grooms’ Best Man will confirm the booking of the limousines. And the decorations for the parade of cars from the ceremony to the reception.

• At the rehearsal the Best Man will arrive with you. You both will go over a copy of the guest list to give the ushers. Noting any guests that are handicapped or elderly. Or those who are to be seated in the reserved section. And he usually attends the rehearsal dinner that the groom’s parents often host.


On the wedding day the Best Man will arrive at the ceremony with you.

He will escort the Bride’s parents to the front row on the left. And the Groom’s parents to the front row on the right.

The Best Man will carry the bride’s wedding band and the marriage license. And he will be an official witness in signing the license.

He will be responsible for holding and disbursing the envelopes. These hold the fees for the officiate, vocalist, musicians and other appropriate services.

At the reception he’ll take his place in the receiving line. He’ll also keep an eye on the money gift box.

The Best Man will probably be the master of ceremonies at the reception. He will toast the bride and groom. Also, read telegrams and special messages.

He will assist in transporting the wedding gifts to your home.

Following the reception he will assist in organizing the honeymoon luggage. If staying at a hotel near an airport on wedding night he will confirm the booking. If not traveling right away he will assist in your Wedding Night plans.

He will check to make sure you have your traveling information. Money, charge cards, passport, driver’s license, luggage. And phone numbers for an emergency.

If you are going on a honeymoon he will coordinate or confirm your pick-up at the airport when you return.


The day after the wedding the Best Man will be responsible for seeing the return of all the tuxes. This includes the Groom’s tuxedo and members of the wedding party. 

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