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Groom wedding planning budgeting tips ideas

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For a Groom wedding planning guide, ask your bride if she wants you to do anything. Then go with it.

Just remember that without you, there is no wedding. And that there is no truth to all you have to do is arrive at the wedding on time in your tux!

The engagement period is a good time for couples to work together. It is also the time when they will understand who really makes most of the big decisions. Especially if you haven’t figured that out already.

You are your bride-to-be Tower-of-Strength through the wedding planning. She will be looking for you for comfort, decisions and approvals.

Your bride-to-be will probably be preparing a 2-inch three ring binder or an online program to keep her planning information. You could also do the same.

Groom wedding planning follows along the same lines. A-Z dividers with tabs and pockets to create separate alphabetical categories.

This system helps you with ready access to information.

You may want to divide your information into sections. Planning. Budget. Engagement. Wedding Ceremony. Reception. Honeymoon. Best Man.

Make it easy for yourself. You and your Best Man can share the book.

See below for a list the Groom usually pays for.

It is important to establish how much money you want to spend on your wedding. Establish a preliminary budget.

Several of the items you are listing as expenses may also be listed in your Gift Registries.

Groom wedding planning and budgeting at a glance.

Budget List for the Groom wedding traditional expenses.

• Flowers for Groom and Attendants.

• Gift for your Bride.

• Gifts for your parents.

• Gifts for Best Man. Groomsmen and Ring Bearer.

• Honeymoon wardrobe.

• Honeymoon travel and hotel charges.

• Limousine and car rentals.

• Marriage license.

• Officiant’s fee.

• Out-of-town guest accommodations.

• Rehearsal dinner.

• Reception – menu, decorations and entertainment.

• Rings – engagement and wedding bands.

• Security services for wedding, reception and homes. Robberies often happen while weddings are in progress.

• Travel cheques/checks and credit cards.

• Tuxedo/suits, shoes, accessories for yourself and Attendants. Rentals or purchases.

Groom wedding planning with your Bride and Best Man.


There are two kinds of budgets usually connected with weddings.

A traditional wedding takes approximately 14-16 months to plan. The budget is usually set before planning the celebration.

An elopement or destination wedding can take anywhere from a weekend to weeks. They both include the honeymoon!

• A Destination Wedding or Elopement budget is established after you’ve researched and developed when, where, what to wear and who will attend.

1. When – several scheduling elements enter into setting the date for your wedding.

2. Where – where the ceremony will actually take place.

3. What to Wear – tux or no tux.

4. Who will attend – your guest list will depend on your reception venue and your budget. Sometimes on family requirements.

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