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Groom Wedding Dance for Ballerina Bride goes viral

November 15, 2016 1:47 pmViews: 378

Groom Wedding Dance for Ballerina Bride goes viral.
Groomsmen create a Groom Wedding Dance using Britney Spears You Drive Me Crazy song for soloist dancer with the Suzanne Farrell Ballet.

Groom Wedding Dance for Ballerina Bride video viral.

Kirk Henning’ Groom wedding dance for his Ballerina Bride, Valerie Tellmann.

What happens at receptions when two professional dancers are having a wedding. Magic!

Kirk Henning and Valerie Tellman kicked off their wedding reception with the performance of the Groom wedding dance for his ballerina bride. Tellman is a dancer with the Richmond Ballet in Richmond, VA.

Kirk Henning is a first soloist with the Suzanne Farrel ballet company at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. And with help from his eight groomsmen their dance routines were to Uptown Funk, Shut up and Dance and Britney SpearsYou Drive Me Crazy.

When asked by a ABC News why the dance routines? Henning told the reporter that when they got engaged Tellman suggested that as a gift, he could do a groomsmen dance for her. Her wish came true – big Time!

The dancing groomsmen got their routine via emails from Henny. And he was hoping it would all come together. The video was uploaded by their wedding videographer, Ginger Topham, and its had over 50M+ hits on Facebook and counting. – SW.

Tips: Your First Dancing Lesson & Wedding Dress.

First Dance Lesson

Tip: Many brides and grooms actually dread their first dance. The spotlight and all alone on the floor. We have heard it all. From He is not a dancer to He has two left feet! Learning to dance is a great pastime and fun to do together.

You get to discover things about each other and yourselves. Learn the right dance for your song and keep it within your comfort zone very step of the way, so on wedding day, it’s a huge success.

Wedding Dress Length for Your First Dance

Tip: Every bride wants her dress kissing the floor and she walks down the aisle, but when it comes to the big first dance, consider that gravity has pulled on your dress all day, fabric stretches, your spine compresses and you’ve perspired: 4 reasons your dress is dragging on the floor !

Not only will it get dirty, you, your husband, or your father could trip on it, which is NOT the look you were going for. Even 1.5” or 4cm hem will sweep the floor without sweeping the floor !!! Start with the end in mind and enjoy your dances.

Tips Source: Perpetual Rhythms DJs and Dance Studio

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