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Groom Boutonnieres for Best Man and Groomsmen


Depending on your wedding theme you and your bride want to create the groom boutonnieres can be essential or an option.

Groom Boutonnieres for Best Man and Groomsmen tips choosing the right flower. [2]

Tips for Groom Boutonnieres for his wedding and groomsmen.
Photo ProFlowers.com [3].

Groom boutonnieres [4] for his wedding party can be real flowers or silk ones. Silk can be dyed any color.

Make sure that no one in your wedding party is allergic to flowers or the greenery that you are using.

For budget purposes you will need to decide whether you will use the local florist or a floral designer.

For more information on where you may need flowers click here [5] for the FLOWER link in the Bride’s Planning Guide.

Groom Boutonnieres list of flower items to know.

Who Pays? Traditionally the Groom’s family paid for the flowers, with the Groom paying for the Bride’s bouquet.

Today, however, both families often share the cost. When you write your order with the florist make sure you know to whom the bill is made out. And who will pay the deposit and final invoice.

A formal wedding color scheme is usually white and ivory. The flowers can include roses, lilies, orchids, lilies of the valley, lilacs, gardenias, chrysanthemums, peonies or stephanotis.

Contemporary weddings use flowers that range from the popular carnations to daffodil, daisies, freesias and sweet peas. And to any basket or abundance of wildflowers. Or types and colors that you like, including potted plants.

Traditionally, the Maid of Honor carries the same bouquet as the Bridesmaids but usually in a different color or style.

The attendant’s bouquets should be in a similar style to that of the Bride. If the attendants are wearing flowers in their hair they should be in the same order with the bouquets so that they match. And the same with matching silk flowers.

The Flower Girl carries either a miniature version of the Bridesmaids flower petals. Or she carries a basket of petals that she tosses down the aisle in front of the bride. Check with the ceremony venue to make sure they allow this if you want it to happen. As someone has to sweep the petals.

Groom Boutonnieres for Best Man and Groomsmen

The Groom’s boutonnière is usually taken out of the Bride’s bouquet. Or you can arrange with the florist to have a boutonnière made to match the Bride’s bouquet.

Your Groom boutonnière is different from the Best Man’s or Groomsmen’s boutonnières. They are usually in the same color to match the Bridesmaids’ dress.

Ushers, Groomsmen, Ring Bearers, fathers and grandfathers also wear boutonnières.

Corsages for the Bride’s and Groom’s mothers should coordinate with the color and style of their dresses.

Often the mothers will want their favorite flower. And they will decide if they want the corsage to be at the shoulder, waist or on their handbag. Or to be worn as a wrist corsage.

If you want to handle your own floral requirements there are several craft books that provide instructions with photos, tips and suggestions for alternative ideas.

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